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Miller 211 Millermatic Autoset Mig Welder – Welding for the Masses

We have had this Miller welder for quite a while now and Eric even learned how to weld on it.  Welding is a very rewarding skill and to be a skilled welder you need to have a quality, reliable machine.  I cannot stress enough how much .  It is made right here in the USA.         The 211 has a feature called MVP that allows you to use the unit on 120 and 240 with the simple change of a twist plug.  The unit will weld up to 3/8″ steel on a single pass. The side...

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Miller 375 X-treme Plasma Cutter – Review

When it comes to welding, there is one name that stands out and that is Miller.  Started in 1929, Miller has been the front runner in the welding industry and is widely known for quality welding products.  The 375 X-treme Plasma cutter is a remarkable tool.  Basically if you think back to the old days of metal cutting, you used a torch to cut through metal.  A plasma cutter basically works on the same principle only you do not need to use the gas.  The machine uses compressed air from a compressor and creates an electrical arc to cut...

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