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Metabo Event

Today, which is Sept 20 and tomorrow the 21, we will be at the Metabo Event.  We attend a bunch of events throughout the year, but I am pretty excited about seeing the new stuff from Metabo, which we will be posting on our Social Network sites like Facebook and...

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Smoking Hot Metabo Deal

Metabo isn’t known for having frequent free tool promotions like the other major tool brands. Metabo positions itself as a premium tool manufacturer.  If you watch the Tools in Action reviews Dan and Eric have been impressed with Metabo tools they have tried.  The rebate is good on the Metabo tools kits listed on the flyer between 7/1/2016 and 11/30/2016.  You have until 12/30/16 to submit your rebate information.  You can use the rebate from any Metabo retailer.  The best options I have seen to buy Metabo tools from is CPO Metabo and Amazon.com Metabo Tools at Amazon.com Metabo...

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Metabo Heated Jacket

We have done a ton of heated jacket over the years.  Most of them from Milwaukee, but when we were at the World of Concrete, we saw Metabo has a new jacket available.  Of course, we just had to get our hands on one and try it out.  While Metabo wasn’t the first to market for heated jackets, I can say the Metabo Heated Jacket does offer things that other jackets don’t. The first thing you will probably notice is the style and color of this jacket.  For some reason, I really love the olive green jacket.  Not sure...

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Metabo has a Drone Project

Drones are all the craze these days.  They are everywhere people find new uses for them everyday.    When we were recently told that Metabo had a drone project we instantly thought “33 gallon air compressor drone”.  However that was not the case.  It is a light drone that illuminates the work area. Now before you go all technical and say this is not possible, it is.  They even have a prototype as seen in the end of the video below.  It is still years away and the technology is still being refined.  The drone will be capable of following the worker...

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Metabo Tool Storage

Tool storage is big business,  You can be like DeWALT/Milwaukee and make your own storage solutions or you can be like Bosch/Festool and re-market an existing brand. Metabo did the latter and followed in Festools footsteps by hooking up with Systainer. It is called Metabo Metaloc and comes in a few varieties.  Not much is know about the system yet as we have seen an official USA press release.  The system looks like it can clamp to a Metabo dust collection unit and like Festool has a guide in the lid for tool placement.  We will keep you posted as...

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You Can Now Buy Metabo Tools Online Through Lowes.com

  This is a win win for both companies Lowes gains a pro grade tool brand and Metabo gets better distribution access in America. If you have seen the reviews Dan and Eric shot of Metabo tools they have amazing performance, but the lack of easy access of buying the tools was a big limitation that prevented people from buying Metabo tools. Now with this arrangement, buying tools from Metabo will be a much easier process. I wonder if we could possibly see Metabo tools on Lowes store shelves in the future. Lowes is a bit handicapped when it...

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Friday Night Tools Fight – Cordless Jig Saws

OK, it’s not Friday night, but we recently did a Friday Night Tool fight between the Dewalt, Milwaukee and the Metabo cordless Jig Saws.  All of these Jig Saws are sold as bare tools or in a kit.  The model number on the Milwaukee is 2645-22, Metabo STA 18LT and the Dewalt is DCS331. We tested each Jig Saw with a 4 A/h battery.  We used Bosch Jig Saw wood blades to cut through a 2×4.  We wanted to see how many feet we could get off each fully charged battery.  Next we did a quick scrolling test to...

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Metabo KHE3250 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

We first saw the Metabo KHE3250 at the 2013 World of Concrete earlier this year.  The lightweight Rotary SDS-plus is perfect for anchoring and overhead applications.  Weighing just 7.3lbs it puts out 3.1 joules (2.2 ft lbs) of impact energy with up to 4,470 blows per minute.  Drilling capacity is 1-1/8 in. in concrete using solid bits, 3-1/8 in. in brickwork, and 1/2 in. in mild steel and 1-3/8” in softwood. The 3 function switch also includes a neutral, which allows you to rotate the chisel to exactly where you want it.    The switch is easy to grab...

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Metabo ASE18 LTX 18 Volt Reciprocating Saw – Review

I feel experienced enough with Metabo now to know that they are a working man’s tool.  They provide power and comfort for the user and the air cooled charging system means less downtime.  Add the new 4.0 Ah battery and you have longer runtimes which means more productivity.  You wont find any gimmicky features on this saw it is built to be abused and work when needed.  The 7.9lb saw puts out 0-2700 SPM with a 1 1/16th stroke length. The blade can be inserted normally or rotated 180 degrees.  A lever on the side allows for a tool...

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Metabo WEPA 14-125 5″ QuickProtect Electronic Angle Grinder – Review

I love grinders. but have always hated the use of a wrench/spanner to change the wheel.  I know hate is a strong word, but have you ever lost your tool to change the disc and spent hours looking for it?  Metabo has changed grinding technology forever with its innovative tool-less wheel nut change.  They have also added a feature that they call QuickProtect, basically it is a big momentary paddle switch, when you let go the power is cut.  This feature does make the tool safer, but I would like to have also seen an electronic brake here. Apart...

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