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Friday Night Tools Fight – Cordless Jig Saws

OK, it’s not Friday night, but we recently did a Friday Night Tool fight between the Dewalt, Milwaukee and the Metabo cordless Jig Saws.  All of these Jig Saws are sold as bare tools or in a kit.  The model number on the Milwaukee is 2645-22, Metabo STA 18LT and the Dewalt is DCS331. We tested each Jig Saw with a 4 A/h battery.  We used Bosch Jig Saw wood blades to cut through a 2×4.  We wanted to see how many feet we could get off each fully charged battery.  Next we did a quick scrolling test to...

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Metabo Cordless Jig Saw STA 18 LTX – Work Don’t Play

I like to think of Metabo as the Unimog of tools.  The Unimog is a truck made by Mercedes Benz that is known for being a precisely well engineered durable machine.  “Work. Don’t Play”  is how Metabo operates and their tools reflect that.  I have been using the Metabo grinder a lot lately and have noticed some things, especially with the Metabo batteries, the air cooled charging system is awesome.  When the pack heats up from heavy use, it can be thrown on the charger hot and the charger will actually cool the battery.  When the charge cycle is...

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