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Maxxeon Pocket Floodlight Pen Light Review

When Dan first told me about the Maxxeon pen lights, I really didn’t think much about them.  Then when I saw them, I wanted all three of them.  Pen lights are very handy for a variety of trades and just anyone who needs a light.  They are handy to carry in your shirt, in your truck or in your tool bag.  When you need to see a serial or model number etc, these are usually located on the back of a unit which is in a dark spot. Maxxeon has been around for about 10 years and they focus...

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MAXXEON WorkStar 2000 Technician’s Floodlight – Review

We raved about the MAXXEON Workstar 220 pocket flood light when we reviewed it here.  MAXXEON sent us the WorkStar 2000 Technicians Floodlight and we knew it had a lot to live up to.  One thing I am starting to see with MAXXEON is that they have a bright shadow free light that makes your work illuminate perfect with no dark spots. This light produces a blinding 300 Lumens via it’s 5W Cool White Cree XP-G LED.  It has 2 modes high and low on high.  You get 2 hours of runtime and on low you can get up...

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Maxxeon WorkStar 220 Pocket Flood Light – Review

Men love LED lights and knives I don’t know why, but we just do, they fascinate us.  There is nothing better than having a quality flash light especially when you use it for work.  I used to use my trusty Maglite 2 AA which I converted to an LED, that was a tad bulky for me and the aaa Mag was just not bright enough.  So I went looking for a replacement .  Someone had told me about a light that he saw and was amazed at its power and size it was the Maxxeon WorkStar 220. Being the...

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