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Radio Death Match – Best Cordless Radio

As you know, we love to have fun at Tools in Action.  We don’t take ourselves seriously and we love destroying things.  So we thought about it and decided that destroying some radios would be a blast.  So we reached out to some manufacturers and got our hands on some of the most popular cordless radios on the market.  Now before I go on I want to get a couple of things straight.  First, this isn’t scientific.  This is just something we wanted to do and have some fun with.  We knew that no radio would survive to the...

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Makita LXT Job Site Radio Review – BMR100W

Wow! You will never have to be bored again, even when doing the most mundane work that every once in a while you have to do. Makita’s 18V LXT Lithium-Ion FM/AM Job Site Radio definitely cranks out the tunes, with plenty of options to keep you amused! This radio came in the Makita LXT 702.   It is designed for rugged, to guard against weather and any other typical job site accident. It has a digital back lit quartz display with 10 pre-set FM/AM buttons and mp3 compatible. The radio is compatible with Slide Type and Pod Style Makita batteries. It will run one full working day (8 hours) on a single Makita Li-Ion battery (1.5Ah) charge. This baby is light, and easy to move around, weighing in at 9.2 lbs. The voltage is 24 – 9.6, and the radio does come with a nice clock. There is a 5 FM/ 5AM Memory preset. The power source compatibility is nice, the radio takes all Slide Type and Pod Style batteries. The overall length x width x height is: 10.25″ x 6.5″ x 12″. We really like the many features of this Work site radio by Makita. A few worth mentioning are the auxiliary ports for CD, I-Pod, or mp3 enthusiasts. Also, good durable rubber bumpers to prevent damage from drops. A nice carrying handle, and new and old Makita...

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