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Makita XSH03M Brushless Circular Saw

A long time ago we did a review on Makita metal cutting saw.  While that was a great saw, we really haven’t had much experience with any of their newer saws, well at least not until today.  Today we get our hands on the Makita XSH03 Brushless 6 1/2″ 18V circular saw.  The kit comes with the saw, 2-18V batteries, a charger, blade and nylon bag.  Let’s start out with the power of this saw.  This saw delivers 5,000 rpm which is great for fast ripping or cutting of materials.  Not only is this saw fast, but it’s smart....

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Makita 18V Cordless Metal Cutting Saw – BCS550

We are happy to do another Makita review.  A while back we did a lot of Makita reviews, but lately we have let the Makita reviews slide.  It’s a shame because we know a lot of you have emailed us about Makita and we dropped the ball.  Anyway, we always like testing any Makita tools as we know they are truly professional power tools.  One thing we have noticed, while a lot of manufacturers have been focusing on their 10.8 line, Makita has been jamming away with creating their 18V Lithium-ion line a complete line.  As you know balance with...

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Makita LXT Circular Saw Review – BSS611

The Circular saw is always a fun tool to use, and Makita’s cordless version here is no different. The Makita Circular saw model number is BSS611 and came  in the tool kit.   It is built with a D35 high torque motor that delivers maximum power for cutting 2x material at 45 degrees with 50 degrees capacity. Just like the other tools in this set, the saw is designed compactly. It is only 13-5/8″ in length and weighs only 7.1lbs. Because of this design, we experienced almost no fatigue when testing for 45 minutes of straight use! The saw comes with a heavy-gauge machined base for smooth and accurate cutting. It also has a built-in dust blower that keeps line of cut clean. The grip is Ergonomic, and like all the other Makita tools we have tested, it delivers even pressure and ease of control. The blade diameter is 6-1/2″. The arbor is 5/8″. No Load RPM: 3700. The maximum cutting depth for 90 degrees is: 2-1/4″. For 45 degrees: 1-9/16″. For 50 degrees: 1-7/16″. The circular saw delivers 54 watt hours and the battery (Ah) is 3.0 Testing the Makita Circular saw was fun. We cut through both a 4×4 and some 3/4″ plywood to see how it would work. The saw was extremely light, like all the tools in this kit. The lithium Ion batteries really make a...

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