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Makita 18V Battery – 6Ah Battery to run the largest 18V line

Makita has the largest line of 18V tools available.  With that said, it only makes sense to have one of the best performing batteries with their new 18V 6 Ah battery.  The model number for this new battery is BL 1860B.  So what is amps and what does the 6Ah battery mean?  Think of it this way.  The volts are the size of your gas tank and the amps are how much gas is in the tank.  So a 6Ah battery has more gas than the 5Ah battery.  Get this, even though the amps increased, the size and weight...

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Makita LXT Battery and Charger Review

  Included in Makita’s LXT702 tool kit is the LXT Rapid Optimum Battery Charger and two LXT Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah batteries. The charger comes with a good cooling fan to allow for quicker recharge when the batteries are low. The one other nice feature on the charger is the display guide. This guide on the face of the charger makes it easy for the user to keep the batteries charged and in good shape. When you buy the package, you will see for yourself what we mean! Makita has a nice lip on their batteries, so when you slide them into the tool, it will stay in place. We have seen some manufacturers use a small lip which doesn’t offer much surface to meet the battery and the tool. The Makita battery has a lip that is almost the whole width of the battery, so if the tool drops or you hit the tools on something, chances are the battery will stay in place....

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