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NWI NLP05 Three, Four, Five Selectable Point Laser

We don’t have much experience with NWI, so it is a little hard to speak about in regards to longevity and quality of the laser.  However we did give this away to a reader (Nicholas) who I am sure will let us know there thoughts in our forum. The laser is self leveling and with one push button, it couldn’t be any easier.  Just push the button to set the laser to desired points.  On the side of the unit, is the on/off switch which also sets the laser to self leveling or free mode.  The unit does look well protected...

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Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane 360-Degree Leveling and Alignment Line Laser

I stated back in an earlier review that the Bosch GLL3-80 is the best laser and I still stand by that claim.  I know some might argue with me, but just check out what others are saying about the Bosch GLL3-80 Laser.  This is truly your one stop laser and the only laser you will need, well to an extent. If you’re not familiar with this laser you can check out our other review of the Bosch Laser, but I do want to cover some things that make this laser so great.  First, you get a full 360° plane...

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Johnson Quad-Line Self-Leveling Cross Line Generator with Plumb Beam 40-6662 – Review

Wisconsin has always had deep tool roots, leading companies like Milwaukee Tool, Rolair, Miller, Rotozip all got started there. So it is no surprise that one of the best laser and level manufactures in the world reside there also. I am talking about Johnson Level in Meqoun Wisconsin, a small town outside of Milwaukee. We got to take a Tools In Action field trip up there a few weeks back and it was awesome! We got a tour of the facilities, got see some cool things being made and learned a lot about the people who are Johnson Level....

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Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser Review

Awhile back when we attended the Bosch media event, we had a chance to see the worlds first surface laser.  At the time we thought this was pretty cool, however we never really had a chance to play with it that day.  Well that changed, we now have one we could take for a test drive and actually use.  I have to say this is one of the coolest inventions.  Not only is this laser a piece of cake to use, it’s so practical. There are plenty of times when you need to make sure your floor is level...

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CST/Berger LL20 Self Leveling 360 Degree Exterior Line Laser

When we attended the Bosch event, we had a chance to get hands on time with CST/Berger lasers.  We have never reviewed any products from CST/Berger, so when we had the chance to take a closer look, we couldn’t pass it up.  CST/Berger is one of the premier professional laser companies on the market.  Visit any job site or any other area where accuracy and durability count and you’ll probably find one of CST/Berger’s products on hand.  Now I can’t say I do a lot of outside leveling jobs, maybe three a year.  In the past I have always...

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Bosch GLL3-80 3-Plane Level Review – World’s Best Laser

OK maybe I went to far by saying it’s the world’s best laser.  I am sure the government has a pretty cool laser that shoots down from space to zap people.  I would have to say that would be the best laser.  As far as a contractor’s laser for building, the Bosch GLL3-80 does have to be the best laser around.  With this laser, the sky is the limit.  You can frame, tile, hang cabinets and more. So what makes this laser so cool?  You can see by the pictures below, there are actually three laser lines, horizontal and...

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Johnson Level 40-6616 Tile and Flooring Laser – Hardwood Flooring Project

We are super busy lately with projects, one of which is a hardwood floor install and I wanted to post on a tool that has been a big help for keeping our floor straight.  One thing that drives me crazy is not having straight lines!  We needed to snap a line that was straight from the existing wood floor that we stitched in.  Johnson Level sent us a 40-6616 Tile and Flooring Laser.  The level is designed to give a perfect 90 degree angle. It is powered by 2 included AA batteries and emits two high power red laser lines with an accuracy of up to accuracy of +/-...

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Johnson 40-6625 Self-Leveling Ultra Bright Cross-Line Laser Level – Review

Everyone loves cross line laser levels, if you have one you know what I am talking about. You go help a friend hang a shelf, you whip out the cross line and impress everyone with your futuristic precision tool, your a hero! Prepare for more ooooos and ahhhhs with the Johnson cross line laser level, one of the brightest cross line laser levels we have seen.   Johnson Laser Level Technical Specifications Leveling Method Self-Leveling (Pendulum) Laser Wavelength 635nm +/-10nm (Red) Laser Classification Class IIIa Maximum Power Output <=5mW Accuracy +/-1/8″/35ft. (+/-1mm/5m) Interior Range Up to 150′ (45m) depending on...

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