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LifeProof – Construction Grade iPhone 5 Case

A phone these days is something you almost always have with you. The iPhone 5 is an engineering marvel, so sleek and slim. The problem is that it can get damaged easily. Recently Eric purchased an iPhone 5 and he got an Otter box for it. The Otter box is a tough case, but it isn’t dust or water proof and is quite large and bulky. We reviewed the Lifeproof for our iPhone 4 here and it really did a good job at protecting the phone. The Lifeproof case protects your phone from water, dust, shock, dirt, mud etc.....

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Need a Job-site Tough iPhone Case? – Check out the LifeProof Case

A phone is your most important tool.  When you’re on a job-site you use it for phone calls, taking pictures and making calculations.  I even use mine as a level with the Johnson Level App.  I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4S and I am deathly afraid of damaging it when working.  I did some research on the net and came across a few options, but most were too bulky for my needs.  Then I came across the Lifeproof case, a waterproof case that gives you maximum protection against anything you throw at it. The first thing LifeProof wants...

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