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Empire Level Review

For you and me a level is a level.  As long as it works, it’s strong and accurate, that’s what I care about.  However for Empire, it’s a little different.  A level is not a level, the level is their life.  So when they design a level, they don’t just grab vials, a beam and slap their name on it.  They design something that meets our needs of being tough and being reliable.  So let me introduce you to the Empire e70 series. So what goes into these levels to make these durable?  First, this series is made from...

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Johnson Eco Tech Bamboo Levels

I have to say that I love levels, well to an extent.  Such a simple concept, but they make the world a straighter place.  You know who loves levels more?  The people over at Johnson Level.  In fact, you can say they are infatuated with them.  Why do I like levels so much?  Besides being extremely handy in completing quality work, I love the craftsmanship behind them.  I remember my grandfather had a bunch of them.  Most had concrete stuck to them or were beat up pretty bad, but he had those couple levels that always looked so nice....

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Johnson I-Beam Level Review

Ever tried to get something level without a level or laser?  How about using a box level only to find out when you’re done, the level was broken.  The vial came unglued enough not to notice on the level, but enough to notice on your finished work.  Well let me introduce you to the Johnson I-Beam Magnetic Professional Aluminum level model 3878.  This is part of their 3800 series of levels and is the 78″ level.  Don’t need a 78″ level, no problem.  Johnson also has other sizes available in the 3800 series.  They have a 18″, 24″, 36″,...

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Savage Levels

Ahh the almighty level.  It can make our life easier, create a better finished product or can make our life a living hell.  Over the years I have seen a lot of companies come out with different levels, some great and some are just junk.  So what makes a good level?  For me I want a level that is accurate, easy to read and is built on a solid frame.  If I can find these three things, I am a happy camper.  Which brings us to the Savage Levels.  The two we are going to look at today are...

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Johnson Magnetic Torpedo Welders Level 1404-1000

We have been welding like crazy the past few months and slowly adding new tools to our welding arsenal.  Well one thing that we are using a lot is a level.  There is only one problem.  Our level started melting, it could not handle the heat of the hot metal.   Johnson has come along and solved this with the 14041000 Magnetic Torpedo Welders Level.  It has a die cast aluminum frame that makes it impervious to heat and on the bottom is 3 powerful rare earth magnets that grip very well.  The bottom has a v groove which makes...

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Johnson Level Digital Angle Locator – Review

Levels can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  If you have a level that is not accurate, then your work is off; therefore, it’s your worst enemy.  On the other hand, a quality level that is accurate can make your life very easy.  Having a level that transfers angle from one place to another can also make your life or at least my life a lot easier.  So let me introduce you to the Johnson Digital Angle locator, model 40-6064.     There are a lot of times you need to transfer an angle from one place...

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Johnson Level Big J Series – Review

One thing I am proud to say is my Johnson is a 48”.  I love showing it off and want to talk about my 48” Johnson today.  It’s very easy to handle and I can even stick it to metal surfaces, pretty cool.  Johnson makes some of the best levels around and they have a tradition of quality.  Today we are going to talk about the Johnson 48” level which is part of their Big J 1501 series.  As a side note these also come in a 24” and 78” which makes it perfect for just about any application....

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Johnson Digital Level Review – 40-6028

I was very excited when I heard we were going to try the Johnson Level  40-6028 Digital Level.  Over the years everyone told me I wasn’t levelheaded, so I figured with this new level, I could change things.  Well just my luck, this is the one thing that the level cannot do, fix me.  However it does make my work a lot easier.   Specifications of the Johnson Level LCD Screen that rotates 180 Degrees 5 Construction Languages Patented Glo-View Vial which enhances readability in low light – recharges by natural light 0 – 10 and 80-90 degree position...

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