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Leatherman Tread – Best Guy Gift Ever

Getting gifts for guys can be either easy or hard.  Some guys just like socks and yet some guys like things like the DeWALT DWS780 table saw.  How are you to know what to get?  Well I have the perfect gift for any guy in your life.  It is the Leatherman Tread.  I am one of those guys that love the concept of a multi tool, but yet never carry one.  I have a hard time carrying my wallet and my phone. When I first heard of the Tread it seemed a bit gimmicky and I thought to myself...

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Leatherman Wave Review

       By now you have probably heard of Leatherman, if not and your looking for a multitool, take a closer look at leatherman tools.  For their multitools, they make anything from a small multitool such as the Freestyle, to a much bigger model such as the Wave.  When we say bigger, its not really much bigger or heavier than their smaller tools, but they just have more tools on one Multitool.  For this leatherman review, we are going to take a closer look at the Leatherman Wave which has a total of 17 tools in 1. Before we picked up the Wave, we were expecting it to be a little heavy for a multitool and rather bulky, come on its 17 tools in 1.  However we were pleasantly surprised when we opened the box and took a closer look at this tool.  It was actually quite light weighing only 8.5 oz.   The dimensions are 4″ in length and the thickness was only 5/8″.  Pretty amazing.  After seeing this we thought with it being so light and so compact, it had to be a little hard to handle when using some of the tools.  Right away we could tell it was not built cheaply, it is just one of those things you can feel when you pick up a product.  In fact Leatherman believes in their tools so strongly, they gave...

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Leatherman Freestyle CX Review

This is our first review of a Leatherman multi-tool.  For this review we reviewed the Leatherman Freestyle CX which is one of their pocket size tools. You want to talk about a practical tool, it’s the Leatherman Freestyle. In case you have been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard of Leatherman, they make a variety of products such as knives, pruners and lights.  But what they are known for is their Multi-tools.  These are incredibly tough and small multi-tools that a user can carry on their side, like a pocket knife, but with more options.  Not only do these knives save lives (Keanu Reeves used it in the movie Speed to save a bus load of people), it is a very practical tool.  They make a lot of different models and have anywhere from 5 tools in one to 18 tools in one.   As you can see by the picture below the Leatherman Freestyle is a 5 in one tool. 1.  Needlenose Pliers 2. Regular Pliers 3. 154CM Knife 4. Wire Cutters 5. Hard-Wire Cutters When you first pick up the Freestyle, you can tell right away that this is a quality tool just by the feel.  This is one of those tools that feels solid, but it only weights 4.5 oz. and is 3.45″ long.  This is a perfect tool for someone who wants a multi-tool, but doesn’t...

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Leatherman – Worth the Price?

We have received a lot of emails over the past couple of months about Leatherman tools.  I am not sure if an article came out that is stirring up all the interest or what the reason is.  Anyway, a lot of people are wondering how good these tools are and if they are really worth the price.  As a power tool advocate and POC firefighter, I think without a doubt a Leatherman tool is worth the price.  Leatherman’s are the “Swiss Army knife” of the hand tools.  Almost everyone on the department has one of these tools. They are used for punching out windows in auto accidents...

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