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Bosch GLM 35 & 40 Distance Measurement Tool

Bosch is known for a lot of innovative and useful tools.  One thing they are not only known for, but respected for are their full line of measuring tools.  While most companies try to compete against Bosch by releasing a one size fits all solution, Bosch takes a different approach.  Bosch realizes users are different, some people need all the bells and whistles and others need a simple measuring tool. So Bosch created a multiple line of measuring tools which brings us to the GLM 35 and GLM 40.  If you are looking for simple tools to use that...

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Bosch GLM 100 C Laser Measure

Before I start, I just want to say sorry.  I know I am sounding like a broken record, but when it comes to measuring tools, no one competes against Bosch.  As an end user you can pick anything from a simple distance measurement tool all the way up to a tool that has all the bells and whistles.  It doesn’t matter which one you pick, they are all easy to use and all very durable.  Speaking of a higher end distance measuring tool, today we are covering the Bosch GLM 100C which is not only a distance measuring tool,...

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Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure

The Bosch GLM 15 is something I have wanted since it came out.  Now don’t expect a lot from this tool.  It doesn’t do square footage or all the other fancy things and that is why I wanted this tool.  I wanted something simple, reliable and durable. Now if your looking for those fancy things, Bosch has plenty of other lasers that will meet your needs.  If your looking for a digital tape measure, this is it.  The unit is small which makes it easy to fit in your shirt pocket.  I couldn’t ask for an easier tool.  This...

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Hammerhead Laser Distance Measurer – HLMT100

Hammerhead was just the name of a tool or so we thought.  It is actually a brand of tools and they have released their second tool the HLMT100.  I have to say it is one of my favorite laser distance measurers to date.  Why?  Because it looks cool lol.  Actually it is more than just cool looking.  It is rugged and surrounded by rubber overloaded grip. this helps protect the unit and gives you a good grip.  The black LCD screen with white letters has a good contrast and is easy to see in most situations. The unit is a...

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Stanley STHT77032 – TLM65 – 65′ Laser Distance Measurer

LDMs have been around for a long time.  As they evolve so does their complexity.  They are able to do more and more calculations.  Personally I just need a simple unit that gives me measurements and calculate area and volume.  The TLM65 is that unit, it is compact and easily fits into any pocket.  I carry it around with almost everywhere.  It measures up to 65 feet with a + or – of 1/8″. It has a simple 2 button operation just hit the on button twice and it will measure.  Below that is a button that will calculate...

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Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter 2282-20

A while back we did a review of the Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter 2280-20.  Now we are here to tell you about the 2282-20.  Ok there we told you.  Ok your probably thinking about the stats and should you upgrade.  First is the question of upgrade.  If you own the 2280, no I wouldn’t spent my money.  The meter does have 7 measurement function: length, area, volume, indirect measurement (Pythagoras), and stake-out, timer and horizontal mode.  Accuracy of 1/16″ and a range of up to 260ft. The screen is easy on the eyes and even someone like me or...

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NWI Laser Distance Measurement Device Model LSC 60

Today we are going over the NWI Laser Distance Measurement.  This is by no means a review, it’s more of an overview of a device we found a while back.  In fact, Mike Z would be the best to talk about this since he won it.  Now I would like to say sorry to Mike Z because it has taken me longer to ship out and as I sit here and write this overview, the device is sitting next to me getting ready to go into a USPS box. We first saw NWI at a trade show a while...

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Johnson Laser Distance Measure – Review

I’ve never really been one to embrace change. As evidence, I still had a water bed until 2004, and even then it took my family throwing it away while I was out of town to finally get me out of it. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly at the front of the line when these Laser Distance contraptions came out. I spent a great deal of time learning to read a tape measure properly, and anything that rendered that effort useless seemed like a waste of time. I eventually realized that if everyone looked at things like this we’d...

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Hilti PD 40 Laser Range Meter

If you have been on any job site, you have probably used or at least seen the name Hilti.  We were very excited when we had a chance to test and review the Hilti PD 40 Laser Range Meter.  Having tools that are durable and accurate are a must, but it is even more important when it comes to distance measuring tools.  If your measurements are off, then be prepared to up your wallet because you are just wasting money and time.     Manufacturer – Hilti Model – PD 40 Average Purchase Price – $329 (Might have a different price at...

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Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter 2280-20

There is nothing like having a great measuring tool.  Having an accurate tool is important as measurements that are off can add up and cost a lot with wrong estimates.  So lets get into my new Milwaukee LDM 2280-20. The unit is powered by two AAA batteries that can take up to 5,000 measurements before you need to replace the batteries.  Now we didn’t test this, but we will take Milwaukee’s word about this figure.  The unit is small at 4-1/2″ long and 1″ thick.  On the sides and corners, there is rubber that protects it from drops and...

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