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Kobalt Lawn Mower – An 80V Cordless Mower

Yes, mower week is still here.  Today we are covering the 80V Kobalt Lawn Mower.  If you missed our head to head, feel free to check out  head to head mowers and how they all performed against each other.  If you would rather just check out the Kobalt, feel free to keep on reading.  As a spoiler alert, the Kobalt was not our top pick and scored 358 out of 400.  So does this mean it’s not worth a look?  No, not at all.  While there are things we see need improvements, there are also things to love about...

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Best Cordless Mower – Check out What Tools in Action Found

Welcome to Mower week.  Today we have a head to head.  Stay tuned because the rest of the week, we will cover each mower in greater detail.  Five years ago if you asked me if we would have ever had a head to head for cordless mowers, I probably would have laughed.  See back then I was all about gas, all about power.  The cordless mowers back then were awful.  They were cheap, they didn’t last and let’s face it, manufacturers just came out of the gate too soon because they were so interested in being first to the...

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Kobalt 40V Lawnmower Cut Report

Since this is identical to the Greenworks mower, you might see a lot of the same stuff in this cut report as you do with the Greenworks.  This mower is very light and easy to maneuver around your yard.  The 40V battery does last a while and having two batteries means you shouldn’t have any down time. The mower itself does a great job bagging and the handle makes it easy to get on and off the mower, plus it really assists with emptying the bag.  In regards to the performance for cutting long grass, I can’t say I am...

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Kobalt 40 Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

So you thought Kobalt only made tools.  In fact, they have a line up of various lawn mowers.  Here we are covering the 40V double battery lawn mower.  When you buy this lawn mower you get a 4.0 ah and a 2 ah battery.  So if you are mowing and you run out of juice, you don’t need to wait around.  You can do a quick charge or better yet have one ready.  If you read the rest of our mowers from mower week, you might see a similarity in this mower and the Greenworks mower.  That is because they...

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