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KOBALT Magnum Grip Pliers – Perfect Gift

20 or so years ago Bob Villa was all the rage with the Robo Grip pliers.  KOBALT has their own take on the Robo Grip with some innovative features.  The great thing about these pliers is that they auto adjust, are under $20 and have a lifetime warranty.  Another feature that stands out is that you can use the tool like a caliper thanks to the easy to read markings.  You can gauge the size of any nut or bolt up to 1 1/4″ on the 8″ pliers and up to 3/4″ on the 6″ pliers. The 8″ pliers...

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KOBALT Double Drive Screwdriver 2.0 – Review

Last year we all loved the Double Drive from KOBALT, we even did a test and proved that it is really twice as fast as a regular ratcheting screwdriver.  Here we are a year later and KOBALT now has a Double Driver Double Deal!  You now get a mini Double Drive along with the big Double Drive.  The driver has remained the same with all metal gears except for the outer gear case which is now made of plastic which lightens the screwdriver a bit. The new mini is pretty much the same just smaller.  The end cap spins...

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Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet

Kobalt is has taken Double Drive technology and put it into a ratchet.  The Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet operates like a normal 3/8″ ratchet except for the twisting and extendable Double Drive handle.  It has a lifetime warranty and our set came with some bits and a few sockets.  The ratchet will allow you to get into places where other ratchets don’t dare..  When you get into an area that you cannot move the ratchet you can twist the handle for Double Drive action.  This is a great idea, however when you have a really tight nut you cannot...

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Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver

Dan and myself went to the Kobalt tool event in NY and while we were there, we had the chance to play with the Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver.  Luckily for us, they also gave us a free one to take home.  Unfortunately we couldn’t take them on the plane, so we had to pay $35 to check the bag.   I know, why would we pay $35 to check a bag in when we could have left the screwdriver behind, carried the bag on the plane and when we got back to Chicago, just went and bought this screwdriver for $20....

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