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Klein Tool Tradesman Pro Soft Lunch Cooler

We all know that taking your lunch to work can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in food cost.  Now this isn’t a new concept to market, but I have to say it’s a pretty cool looking cooler that Klein came out with, the Klein Tradesman Pro Soft Cooler.  Now they already have a cooler like, but in camo, which who doesn’t like camo? The cooler has three different compartments.  There are two separate insulated compartments, a top and bottom.  On the front of the cooler, there is also a single compartment for dry good or...

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Klein Tradesman Pro High Visibility Backpack

The maker of what some consider the best hand tools on the market, now has a high visibility backpack to go along with your tools.  True, they already have backpacks on the market along with a rolling tool bag and a shoulder tool bag, but this is a little different.  This is their high visibility backpack.  So why would you want a high vis backpack?  Well, it can come in handy for two reasons. First, a high visibility backpack can not only let others see where you are and help keep you a little safer, but it is also...

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Klein Beer – It’s About Time

A while back we had a chance to visit Klein in Texas.  I remember sitting in this meeting room talking about the new Klein tools.  After we learned about the tools, we were in for a surprise.  Someone walked in with a tray full of beers.  As I started drinking them, I thought they were awesome, as I love local beer.  It wasn’t until I was half way done that I realized, it was Klein beer.  At first I thought it was just a joke, but after inquiring and learning more, I realized they were trying to develop their...

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Klein Super Rod Wire Pulling Products

Super Rod based in the UK has some pretty innovative tools.  Klein has teamed up with them to release 3 wire pulling tools here in the USA. The Wirespanner Plus – An 18′ telescopic pole that retracts to 32″.  This allows it to store easy and you can easily carry it around with out knocking over the Queens 18th century Chinaware.  From the video below it looks like a great idea. Magnetic Wire Pulling System –  We have seen this idea before like in the Magnapull Wire Fishing System.  The Super Rod / Klein system looks to be more...

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Klein Lights – Show off Your Work

As you know Klein pretty much makes some of the best tools for electricians.  Klein is a family owned business that is located right here in the United States, plus they have a long history.  I am sure if you talk to any old timer or even check his tools (if he will let you), you will probably find or hear some story about their Klein tools.  Now Klein added a couple new lights to their large list of tools.  Klein lights are designed to help show off your work space.  Now Dan doesn’t think they are Klein quality,...

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Klein Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Bolt Cutter – 63RBCHD

Any electrician knows guy strand can be a major pain to cut with normal bolt cutters.  You end up gnawing away in hope that it leaves a somewhat decent cut. Those days are over thanks to the new Klein Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Bolt Cutter.  Klein has been on the ball lately with releasing innovative solutions for the job-site while retaining that quality that Klein is known for in the industry. The long handles provide more than adequate leverage to cut 1/4″-1/2″ utility-grade guy strand and up to 3/8″ EHS.  The jaws stay in correct alignment thanks to a lockplate that prevents...

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Tools in Action Giveaway – Day 2 – Klein PLiers

Yesterday we had ten lucky winners for the Dewalt Bluetooth battery.  Today let’s kick it off with ten more winners for the Klein Multi Purpose Pliers.  We would like to thank Klein for providing these batteries for the TIA giveaway week.  To learn more about these batteries, you can check out Klein Multi Purpose Pliers. Rules if you are the winner Email us – Send us an email to social@toolsinaction.com.  In the subject line, put what you won.  In the body of the email, please include the screen name we called plus your full name and full mailing address including...

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Klein NCVT-3 Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight

Klein tools is one of the oldest family owned and operated tool companies in America. It  has expanded its test and measurement line with a new voltage tester that has a combined flashlight.  It has the following features. Detects 12 – 1000V AC to cover both low and standard voltage Simultaneous visual and audible voltage indicators Bright flashlight can be used independent of voltage detection function Visual voltage indicator utilizes five vibrant LEDs for easy interpretation and viewing of voltage strength Audible voltage indicator beeps at a greater frequency the higher the voltage or the closer it gets to...

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Klein Drill Tap Kit – Electricians Rejoice

Remember the days when you had to drill a hole then whip out the tap?  Those days are over thanks to the new Klein Drill and Tap set.  They have combined the drill and the tap into one easy step.  Wait that’s not all, it even can deburr!  Sure other brands have had bits like this on the market, but this is the first time that Klein has offered these bits.  What does that mean to you the contractor?  Well it means legendary Klein quality and a lifetime warranty. Designed for use on up to 10 gauge metal. ·  ...

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New Klein Tools Combo Tip Drivers

You know those screws that most electrical fittings use that have both a slotted and Phillips head? You now you have a better fit option for them from Klein.  This is not an entirely new idea as Milwaukee Tool has had their combo ECX bit out for a while.  But now you can get bit with American made Klein quality.  The 1/4″ hex bits fit any shank but are available in Klein’s Fixed-Blade Screwdrivers, Impact Rated Power Drivers and the 11-in-1 Screwdriver.  These new tips are going to give you greater leverage over previous flat and Phillips screwdrivers.  For more visit...

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