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Klein Tradesman Pro High Visibility Backpack

The maker of what some consider the best hand tools on the market, now has a high visibility backpack to go along with your tools.  True, they already have backpacks on the market along with a rolling tool bag and a shoulder tool bag, but this is a little different.  This is their high visibility backpack.  So why would you want a high vis backpack?  Well, it can come in handy for two reasons. First, a high visibility backpack can not only let others see where you are and help keep you a little safer, but it is also...

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Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

We all know that Klein makes some of the best hand tools around, but recently I just found out how great their Tradesman Pro Backpack is.  Can I end a sentence with is?  Not sure, but the one thing I am sure of is if your looking for a mobile backpack that is tough and easy to organize, then you might want to take a look at the Klein backpack. The Klein backpack has 39 pockets to store your tools.  It’s not just a coincidence that the inside of the tool bag is orange, it actually has a function.  With...

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Klein Tools 55452RTB Tradesman Pro Organizer Rolling Tool Bag – Tradesman Tested

One of our friends from Local Electricians Union 134 had a dilemma. He had been working downtown Chicago and walking a few miles back and forth to the job site with over 80lbs of tools and gear. He needed a solution with wheels. We recommended he use the Klein 55452RTB Tradesman Pro organizer. We also recommended he get an assault rifle, car alarm and lots of ammo. That is for another article though.  The 55452RTB is one of the few wheeled tool bag solutions for the tradesman on the market. The bag weighs 19 lbs and has 6″ never...

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Lighted Tool Bag from KLEIN – 55431

Klein is starting to innovate.  This new bag has a built in light that can light inside or outside of the bag.  It is removable , has a swivel hook and a magnet.  The interior is orange for better visibility.  The molded bottom tray reminds me of the Veto Pro Pac style of bags.  It keeps your tools dry in wet...

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