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Tools in Action Giveaway – Day 2 – Klein PLiers

Yesterday we had ten lucky winners for the Dewalt Bluetooth battery.  Today let’s kick it off with ten more winners for the Klein Multi Purpose Pliers.  We would like to thank Klein for providing these batteries for the TIA giveaway week.  To learn more about these batteries, you can check out Klein Multi Purpose Pliers. Rules if you are the winner Email us – Send us an email to social@toolsinaction.com.  In the subject line, put what you won.  In the body of the email, please include the screen name we called plus your full name and full mailing address including...

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Klein Drill Tap Kit – Electricians Rejoice

Remember the days when you had to drill a hole then whip out the tap?  Those days are over thanks to the new Klein Drill and Tap set.  They have combined the drill and the tap into one easy step.  Wait that’s not all, it even can deburr!  Sure other brands have had bits like this on the market, but this is the first time that Klein has offered these bits.  What does that mean to you the contractor?  Well it means legendary Klein quality and a lifetime warranty. Designed for use on up to 10 gauge metal. ·  ...

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New Klein Tools Combo Tip Drivers

You know those screws that most electrical fittings use that have both a slotted and Phillips head? You now you have a better fit option for them from Klein.  This is not an entirely new idea as Milwaukee Tool has had their combo ECX bit out for a while.  But now you can get bit with American made Klein quality.  The 1/4″ hex bits fit any shank but are available in Klein’s Fixed-Blade Screwdrivers, Impact Rated Power Drivers and the 11-in-1 Screwdriver.  These new tips are going to give you greater leverage over previous flat and Phillips screwdrivers.  For more visit...

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Klein Multi-Bit Tap Tool – 32517

Do I really have to tell you guys about Klein again?  Ask any electrician and they will show you a Klein tool and tell you a story.  It takes more than just quality to compete these in the tool world days, you need innovation.  Klein has done just that with their new Multi-Bit Tap tool.  It allows the electrician to tap and install the plate with just one tool.  This lightens the tool belt and streamlines the tradesman’s workload. We got to check out this tool with John from Local Electricians Union 134 here in Chicago and he was impressed....

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Klein VDV600-096 Coax Cable Cutter

Today Klein tools announced a new Coax Cable Cutter that is engineered to cut Copper-Clad Steel Cable. Klein is known in the industry as the last tool you will ever buy.  While most brands outsource to the China, Klein has made a commitment to stay in the USA.  They believe in America and the American tradesman.  Not all Klein products are made in the USA, but most hand tools are.  Check out their new manufacturing in Texas that we recently visited.   Ask any experienced pro and see what they to say about Klein, they always have a story. The...

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New Demo Drivers From Klein – News

Klein is Americas darling when it comes to hand tools.  They are mostly made in the USA and have been the staple of every tradesman since the late 1800s.  Every contractor we speak with has a Klein tool in their tool belt.  Today they have announced 2 new demo drivers. #2 Phillips (SKU 603-4DD)     Punch Scratch Awl (SKU 650-DD)   We won’t attempt to review these tools from a picture, but will get some soon and show you guys on...

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Klein Tools Switch Drive System – American Quality

Klein tools has just come out with the new Switch Drive System.  It is basically a screwdriver handle with a 1/4″ hex quick connect.  This good for situations where you want the power and speed of a drill but still have lighter duty applications where a power tool might be too much.  Tradesman like the comfortable Klein grip and it is the standard in which others look up to.  I am pretty sure I have seen this before on other tools.  Let us know what you think. It comes in 2 flavors:   Power Nut Driver Set (32701) Switch...

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7 Piece Nutdriver set review

  So it’s no secret that I love Klein screwdrivers. It’s something about the handles. The way they combine old school hard handle and a cushion grip so well. Or the hardened steel shafts with chrome plating. Or is it the way they fit into fasteners so perfectly? Nut drivers are one of those tools that don’t get used as often as they should. 90% of the time, when I see a bolt or a nut, I instinctively reach into the socket drawer and grab a ratchet and socket. But loving Klein screwdrivers as much as I do, when...

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Klein All Purpose Pliers – Today’s Modern Side Arm – J206-8C

Have you ever just picked up a product and it screamed quality right off the bat? Well that is the feeling I get with these Klein pliers.  The first time I saw these was when we went to the Klein factory and had a chance to experience the Klein reputation first hand.  Let me say, it was a blast.  Dan even had a blast, but I think he loved eating the bull balls the best.  One thing we love about Klein is the made in the USA pride.  Klein could very easily be quiet and start shipping certain tools...

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Klein Hand Tools

We usually break out different tools into separate articles, but for this we decided not to.  The main reason is because we don’t want to sound like a broken record. You know how much we love Klein tools and not because they are our sponsor, but because of you guys.  You guys were the ones who got on our case and told us how much we need to cover a quality tool, a Klein tool.  So here we are. Now before I go on, I am not going to say I have used the whole saw kit or the...

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