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Johnson Auto Rotary Laser Level Review Model 40-6522

Plain and simple, lasers are cool and an invaluable tool to have around. They make life easier and make your finished project much truer.  There are lots of different types of lasers on the market today.  Some designed for tile, indoor use, outdoor use, layouts and more.  However if you need a laser for outside and need distance, you have to move up to a rotary laser. While they do cost more, the benefits outweigh the cost.  Which brings me to the Johnson 40-6522 Auto Rotary Laser.  We have tested a lot of other Johnson level products and the...

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Johnson Eco Tech Bamboo Levels

I have to say that I love levels, well to an extent.  Such a simple concept, but they make the world a straighter place.  You know who loves levels more?  The people over at Johnson Level.  In fact, you can say they are infatuated with them.  Why do I like levels so much?  Besides being extremely handy in completing quality work, I love the craftsmanship behind them.  I remember my grandfather had a bunch of them.  Most had concrete stuck to them or were beat up pretty bad, but he had those couple levels that always looked so nice....

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Johnson Laser Distance Measure – Review

I’ve never really been one to embrace change. As evidence, I still had a water bed until 2004, and even then it took my family throwing it away while I was out of town to finally get me out of it. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly at the front of the line when these Laser Distance contraptions came out. I spent a great deal of time learning to read a tape measure properly, and anything that rendered that effort useless seemed like a waste of time. I eventually realized that if everyone looked at things like this we’d...

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Johnson I-Beam Level Review

Ever tried to get something level without a level or laser?  How about using a box level only to find out when you’re done, the level was broken.  The vial came unglued enough not to notice on the level, but enough to notice on your finished work.  Well let me introduce you to the Johnson I-Beam Magnetic Professional Aluminum level model 3878.  This is part of their 3800 series of levels and is the 78″ level.  Don’t need a 78″ level, no problem.  Johnson also has other sizes available in the 3800 series.  They have a 18″, 24″, 36″,...

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Johnson Johnny Square – 7″ Aluminum Rafter Square RAS-1 – Review

Want a quality USA built rafting square?  Look no further, Johnson Level has released the RAS-1 Johnny Square.  The square has a few features that make it stand out from other squares.  It has a scribe marks so your pencil stays locked and you get a consistent straight line.  There is a beer bottle opener in the center of the tool for those end of the day beers.  Or for those of you that like to pound some beers at lunch before the superintendent comes back from lunch.  The markings are deep and easy to read, they are mirrored...

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Johnson Quad-Line Self-Leveling Cross Line Generator with Plumb Beam 40-6662 – Review

Wisconsin has always had deep tool roots, leading companies like Milwaukee Tool, Rolair, Miller, Rotozip all got started there. So it is no surprise that one of the best laser and level manufactures in the world reside there also. I am talking about Johnson Level in Meqoun Wisconsin, a small town outside of Milwaukee. We got to take a Tools In Action field trip up there a few weeks back and it was awesome! We got a tour of the facilities, got see some cool things being made and learned a lot about the people who are Johnson Level....

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Johnson Drywall Scoring Square

Cutting drywall is easy, but it does take some time.  Well not any more.  Johnson introduced the Drywall Scoring Square.  Just rest the top of the square on the drywall, insert your utility blade in the correct hole and slide the square to score the drywall.  Yes, it’s as easy as that… almost.  It does take some practice.  The first couple of cuts, you will get the square to ride up and not produce a straight cut.  Once you get use to the system, then it’s very easy. You may remember we did a review of the Wall Buddy that has...

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Johnson Level 40-6616 Tile and Flooring Laser – Hardwood Flooring Project

We are super busy lately with projects, one of which is a hardwood floor install and I wanted to post on a tool that has been a big help for keeping our floor straight.  One thing that drives me crazy is not having straight lines!  We needed to snap a line that was straight from the existing wood floor that we stitched in.  Johnson Level sent us a 40-6616 Tile and Flooring Laser.  The level is designed to give a perfect 90 degree angle. It is powered by 2 included AA batteries and emits two high power red laser lines with an accuracy of up to accuracy of +/-...

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Johnson Magnetic Torpedo Welders Level 1404-1000

We have been welding like crazy the past few months and slowly adding new tools to our welding arsenal.  Well one thing that we are using a lot is a level.  There is only one problem.  Our level started melting, it could not handle the heat of the hot metal.   Johnson has come along and solved this with the 14041000 Magnetic Torpedo Welders Level.  It has a die cast aluminum frame that makes it impervious to heat and on the bottom is 3 powerful rare earth magnets that grip very well.  The bottom has a v groove which makes...

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Johnson Automatic-Leveling Rotary Laser Level with GreenBrite Technology 40-6545

We usually do not get to look at many rotary levels, in fact I think we have only reviewed three in our history.  If your not familiar with this type of level, it is actually pretty cool and can make your life easier.  A rotary level is great for a variety of application such as when your installing chair rails, drop ceilings, a deck outside or any other applications you need to keep a level eye on that might span a distance. Again we haven’t reviewed a lot of rotary levels, but we have had our share of Johnson...

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