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John Deere – Americas Brand

Being made in America is becoming more of a rarity these days as profits and bottom line trump quality.  John Deere has been an American staple since before anyone reading this was born.  We had the opportunity to go and visit the John Deere manufacturing process in Greenville, Tn. This was one of the first plant tours I have ever been on where the people working actually enjoyed their job.  You could tell that each and every worker was proud to be there.  John Deere also supports the local community in many ways including lunch bags for local school...

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John Deere Michelin Tweel – Run Flat Tires

We have seen the run flat technology on skid steers for years and recently on a Polaris ATV.  It will be just a matter of time before all wheels go airless.  John Deere and Michelin have introduced the Tweel.  Say goodby to flats.  The only bad thing I can see about this technology is the cost to replace the Tweel when it wears out.  Check out John Deer for more...

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John Deere Boots – Tractors on your Feet

For those of you that spend most of your day on your feet boots are a necessity.  Everyones feet are different and what is comfortable to you may not be comfortable to another.  If you like John Deere and want a good quality boot check out the new line up of John Deere boots made by the Dan Post Boot Company.  They have a variety of styles depending on your application.  For me they were a comfortable boot, I liked the quality.  They didn’t feel quite as heavy as the Timberland Helix Boots that we reviewed a while back, but...

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John Deere Gator 825i – All Work and Play

John Deere has been one of Americas top trusting brand names for as long as I can remember.  The brand stands for quality, reliability and innovation.  Grandparents tell their grandchildren stories that involve the family John Deere.  They last generations and are the backbone of American farmers.  The Gator has been around for many years.  Most people assoiate a JD gator as a five or six wheeled vehicle usually seen at footbal games or on golf courses.  The John Deere AMT was a 5 wheeled vehicle that ultimately led to the Gator in 1992.  Since then there has been...

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John Deere Z235 Zero Turn Mower

Spring is my favorite time of year.  Not only do I get to be outside but I get to test mowers!  Last year we showed you the John Deere D170 tractor and this year we tested John Deere’s entry level zero turn mower the Z235.  It is a 20hp 42″ deck zero turn mower.  We got this unit from our local John Deere dealer, Buck Bros. I prefer the dealer experience to the big box stores.  Dealers have trained service technicians, a huge inventory and there is no one more knowledgeable about your mower than the dealer.  The Z235...

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John Deere D170 Lawn Tractor – Review

When you hear the name John Deere, you automatically think an American icon.  It is the brand that Americans have depended on for years to get their work done.  My first tractor was a John Deere 155C which I purchased at Home Depot.  When you get a J. D. tractor from a big box store, the local John Deere dealer sets them up, so you do not have to worry about it being improperly assembled.  I do however recommend buying them from your local J.D. dealer because of the great level of service and the place is like a...

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