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Rockwell Jawhorse and RK9100 Welding Station Accessory Attachment

I am going to start by saying the Jawhorse is something I use everyday and is one of my favorite tools.  It does a lot of things from clamping and holding just about anything.  I use it for painting, grinding, cutting etc.  It has never failed me and always has been stable for any project.  There are a few accessories that expand the use of this tool, the one we are going to talk about today is the RK9100 Welding Station.  It turns the Jawhorse into a giant welding clamp.  The kit comes with 2 aluminum jaws that replace...

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Jawhorse – Miter Table Accessory

    Rockwell Jawhorse Miter Table Overview As you may or may not already know, we really had fun testing the Jawhorse.  When we first starting working with the Jawhorse we thought it was pretty cool, but as time went by and we really discovered how many different uses you can do with the Jawhorse, we became a believer.  With that said and so many uses, another cool feature or add on is the miter stand table. The miter stand table is a very cool way to give your miter saw portability with ease of use.  Yes you can use...

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Jawhorse – Plywood Accessory

  Rockwell Jawhorse Plywood Accessory Overview If you haven’t read our review on the Jawhorse, you can take a look at the Jawhorse review.  As you may have guessed we enjoyed reviewing this system as it is one of those practical tools.  Besides being a versatile tool, we really like all the different accessories you can buy for the Jawhorse.  While the accessory name implies this is for Plywood, you can really use it for almost anything.  The Plywood accessory is really just a longer jaw so a user can clamp a wider range of materials.  With the plywood...

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JawHorse – The Ultimate Work Partner and More

Rockwell Jawhorse Overview   You have probably seen or at least heard of the Rockwell Jawhorse, but just in case you haven’t, the Jawhorse is one of the most innovative tools made in a long time.  Basically, it is a clamp, a work bench, an extra hand or any other thing you can think of.  The Jawhorse was developed by Rockwell and best of all it is made to a professional grade use.  This is made from a steel base and is one tough tool.  This weights about 43 lbs. and can hold up to 300 lbs.  The clamping force is 1 metric ton.  A user uses their foot, which leaves both hands available to shut the clamp into place.  Once the clamp is in place, just lock the switch and you are ready to roll. We first saw the Jawhorse at the IHBS in Vegas.  There was a lot at the show, but this did catch our attention since we have heard of this, but never really saw it on a job site. We took the Jawhorse to a local jobsite where they were hanging rock in a new retail facility.  They were making long runs and were just stopping by to talk with some friends.  We showed them the Jawhorse and in a matter of about a half hour, they came up with a way for one guy to hang the rock instead of...

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