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Irwin 2015 National Tradesman Event

If you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we headed down for the 2015 National Tradesman Event by Irwin last week.  If you remember we also attended this event in Chicago back in 2013.  This time instead of Chicago, we headed down to North Carolina for some warm weather.  Besides meeting some very cool people from Irwin, we had the chance to look around and see their testing facility, which was pretty cool. Now I am not going to say I fully understand the machines and how they test equipment, but it did look impressive....

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Irwin Impact Performance Series – Phase II Release

Last year Irwin rolled out their Impact Performance Series line of impact driver accessories to cater to the ever growing impact driver market. The line which included driver bits, lobular nut setters, hex shank drill bits, and socket adaptors, faired well in most reviews. Now Irwin has announced a more radical Phase II release that looks to include some pretty unique additions to the line.   Impact Screw-Grip The Impact Screw-Grip is a screw extractor designed in a 2 ended pattern that allows you to drill and extract the damaged screw with the same bit by a simple flip....

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IRWIN Automatic Wire Strippers – Review

Unless you’re Edward Scissorhands, stripping wires sucks.  Using your teeth, or side cutters always ends up with poor quality results.  Thank god for the automatic wire stripper!  It takes this tedious task and gives you almost perfect professional results every time.  You simply insert the wire into the tool and squeeze.  Most wire strippers have groove cutters so if you have a 10 AWG wire you would need to put that in the corresponding 10 AWG groove.  This is nice, but it also slows down the process a bit making repetitive work take a little longer.  This is where...

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Irwin Clamp Review

I can’t say I use clamps everyday, well I guess I could, but then I would be a liar.  Since I don’t use them everyday, I never really invested much money into clamps, since they just sit around.  I finally bought my first set of clamps back in 2001 when I started building a coffee table.  At the time I had the mind set of if I buy cheap tools, I can save the money, even though I am sure I spent it on other things. Anyhow, I got good use of the clamps for the coffee table and...

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Irwin Marples Saw Blades

Looking for a quality saw blade for your table saw or miter saw?  Irwin has a new line of saw blades out that look very good.  The new line is called Marples and it offers the blades in a variety of sizes and tooth count.  One thing to note is these blades are made in Italy.  What does that mean for you?  I have no idea, but I do know the blades I have purchased in the past tend to last longer that are made in Italy as opposed to China.  In reality I believe Italy has higher manufacturing standards than...

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IRWIN Hanson Performance Threading System – Review

Taps and dies are one of the coolest tools I have ever used.  They allow you to make threads in material and also can turn round stock into a threaded screw.  My first experience with a tap and die was a few years ago when I purchased a tap and die set from Harbor Freight because it was cheap.  That turned out to be a big mistake, because  the first time It was ever used it broke,  the metal was very brittle and cheap.  So that being said I needed to find a quality tap and die set.  I...

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IRWIN Unibit Step Drill Bits – Review

It is not often that I get excited over drill bits, but the IRWIN Unibits are by far my favorite drill bits ever.  It is like having an entire drill bit set in one bit.  I had to install a dead bolt into a thick steel shell door frame,  I went through a normal bit in no time and hadn’t even drilled the first hole yet.  I went to the local hardware store where I saw the Unibit,  I remembered using one in the past with good results.  When I arrived back the job site and started to drill...

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IRWIN Vise Grip GV10, GV10R, GV10S Pliers – Review

Pliers have been around for a long time in fact early pliers were found in BC times, but not since Bob Vila and the Robogrip has a pair of pliers changed the playing field like IRWIN has with its new GrooveLock pliers.  These are the most innovative thought out pliers I have ever seen. IRWIN really seems to be putting a lot of technology into these products to make them the perfect tool. www.irwin.com Who doesn’t have a trusty set of groove joint pliers? you know the ones that pinch your fingers and are a pain to keep adjusted....

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IRWIN Universal Hand Saw – Review

If your a spoiled tool guy like me you would never even think of using a hand saw for any project, hand saws are for grampas right? Well that’s what I used to think until I used the new IRWIN Universal Hand Saw. This saw can give any powered reciprocating saw a run for its money cutting through a 2X4 . The saw comes in 2 flavors a 15″ and a 20″ model. 5 years of development really paid of from IRWIN they have developed a hand saw that is light weight and screams through material leaving a nice...

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