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Ingersoll Rand W5330-K2 3/8″ IQV20 20V Right Angle Impact – HammerHead

Todays video is all for the mechanic.  Mechanics always have a tough time getting in small areas, especially with todays cars.  Ingersoll Rand is a brand that has many years of proven reliability in the automotive field.  The perfected their air tools and for years have been the name to get.  Since releasing their cordless IQ12 and IQ20 line, they have opened up an entirely new freedom for the mechanic.  The W7150 cordless impact pretty much replaces any air impact on the market.  It had some insane power.   Now with the W5330 you get impact power in the...

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Ingersoll Rand R3150 1/2-Inch Cordless 20V Ratchet

Ratchets are a mainstay of the automotive mechanic.  They are used on all sorts of applications, usually on rusted hard to loosen bolts.  For years mechanics have been tied to an air compressor with their pneumatic ratchets.  Ingersoll Rand is known for quality pneumatic tools and as an industry leader.  IR has taken their knowledge of ratchets and mated it with a 18/20V power source.  The result is a quality professional automotive tool that will last. First thing you notice when you pick up the 4.4lb tool is the stellar ergonomics, balance and quality.  The tool really has a...

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Ingersoll Rand 1207Max Review

Today we are going to take a closer look at the Ingersoll Rand 3/8” air ratchet model number 1207MAX-D3.  You may have read our review of the Ingersoll Rand 1105Max ¼” ratchet and how much we liked using the air tool.  Well long story short, the 3/8” is no different. Power Tool Review – Ingersoll Rand Ratchet Power Tool Model – 1207Max-D3 Pros: Good Balance, Powerful, Forward/Reverse location, Trigger Cons: None that we could see Specifications Air Inlet NPTF: 1/4 Inch Av. Air Consumption: 113 l/min (4 cfm) Sound: 95/106 dBA (Pressure/Power) Performance Rating: MAX Maximum Torque: 65 foot-pounds Square Drive: 3/8 Inch Free Speed: 200 rpm Min. Hose Size: 3/8 Inch @ Load: 453 l/min Length: 10.75 Inches Weight: 2.75 Pounds Nuts & Bolts of the 1207Max-D3 Specifications This was a tool we picked up and enjoyed using right from the start.  Before we get into the review and what we did, let’s take a closer look at the overview of this tool.  As you know,  it’s a 3/8” ratchet, but a couple items to note is the power this harnesses.  The torque on this is 65 Ft-lbs. and an rpm of 200.  Now the 1207MAX is a little longer coming in at 10.8” so it gives the user a nice grip and large area to hold on to this tool.  The weight is great weighing only 3.2lbs. ...

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Ingersoll Rand MAX Review

We have done a lot of reviews over the years on different power tools, but only a handful on air ratchet wrenches. That’s why when we had a chance to review the Ingersoll Rand MAX, we jumped at the opportunity. Tool Review: Ingersoll Rand Max Model Number: 1105Max-D2   Pros: Balance, Easy to grip, powerfull Cons: None that we could find Specifications of the Max 30 Ft-Lbs Torque 300rpm Low Profile Forward/Reverse Variable Speed Regulator     The Nuts & Bolts   Specifications There are a lot of different manufacturers of air tools on the market.  Some very good and some, well we will leave it at not so good.  Ingersoll Rand (IR) is not new to this game.  They are a company that has a long history of quality products and we are hoping the 1105MAX-D2 is no different. The 1105MAX-D2 is a ¼” ratchet wrench that is obviously powered by compressed air.  This ratchet harnesses 30 ft-lb of torque and a no load speed of 300 rpm.  The MAX tool offers a variable speed power regulator which is perfect for small jobs like plastic fasteners.  The tool utilizes a feather touch lever for greater control.  According to IR this wrench has a unique head construction for improved durability and more consistent performance over the life of the tool.   The Review Air wrenches are fun tools to...

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