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Makita Impact Gold Bits Review

Finding a bit is easy to do.  Just about every manufacturer offers them and you can find them at almost any store.  However finding a bit that will last and take the abuse of an impact driver, well that’s where it becomes hard to find a good bit.  A while back I was at a big box store and saw a display for Makita Gold Bits. At the time I had never tried them or heard anything about them.   I ended up buying them and long story short, I have pretty much been using them ever since.  Now...

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Milwaukee Magnetic Drive Guide Set – A Cool Little Tool

Milwaukee is hitting the hand tool market with force.  The best thing about Milwaukee’s new hand tools is they are redesigning the industry.  While most companies take the path of keeping the same hand tools and changing the color or packaging, Milwaukee takes a different approach.  Take the Milwaukee Pliers.  Not only are they just pliers, but you can ream with them, which means one less tool on your belt. This time Milwaukee came out with the Magnetic Drive Guide Set which is very cool.  Basically it’s a small little hand held tool that stores 10 bits plus one in the...

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Milwaukee 29 Piece Shockwave Drive

Ok I am done buying cheap bits.  There are certain things you can not be cheap about and bits are at the top of the list, with Heinz ketchup, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise and safety gear.  There is no substitute.  I am a cheap A**, but not anymore with Bits.  Not too long ago, I bought a 114 piece bit set that had a boat load of #2 bits, magnetic holders and a bunch of other stuff.  I was very smart and only paid about $20 for the set, yeah looking back that was a give away that I was in...

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Drill Bit Accessories – OEMPTA

We receive a lot of request to review products.  Most of them from overseas and most of them are just plain junk.  When we received an email from OEMPTA, we weren’t sure what to expect.  But we decided to give them a shot.  We have to be honest, when we received them in the mail and looked at them, we put them to the side for a couple of days and didn’t think twice about them.  After all they didn’t have the fancy packaging or a name we were familiar with.  We thought they we just imported from China and...

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DeWALT Impact Ready Tough Case Set DWMTCIR20 – Review

Its not often I get excited over a bit set, but the new DWMTCIR20 20 piece tough case set  really lives up to the tough name.  First it comes with the DeWALT tough case which is awesome!  It is made out of the same tough material that the drills are made out of and instead of the usual yellow its black.  The case has magnets on the back and can adhere to any ferrous material.  I have loaded the case to full capacity and it had no issues holding on.  The kit also includes the most common impact driver accessories...

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Dewalt 38 Piece Impact Ready Kit DW2169

One of the most used power tool accessories are drill bits.  So with that being said, it’s important to have a quality set that you can rely on.  A couple times in the past I thought I was getting a great deal when I could get a 50 piece set for dirt cheap.  I was smart, I was saving money.  Only to find out they were junk sets.  The bits didn’t fit screw heads tights.  I ended up breaking heads, stripping screws, well I am sure you have experienced this sometime in your life.  That’s why I don’t care anymore about...

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