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Homelite 2,100-Watt Gasoline Powered Quiet Tailgate Inverter Generator

Sports fans rejoice, there is now a tiny quiet generator for you that you can skin with your favorite sports team.  When you buy the homelike inverter you get a coupon code to get a free skin for ir from Skinit.  You can get pretty much any design you want an even design your own.  2100 starting watts and 1700 Running watts is what this quiet little unit puts out.  You can get up to 13 hours of runtime at 25% load.  The unit maybe geared towards the tailgater but the unit is very capable of running just about...

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HomeLite Electric Log Splitter UT49102 – Review

I like log splitters, they are powerful and make the chore of splitting wood a breeze.  You can really save money on wood if you split it yourself.  Log splitters come in many shapes and sizes and the HomeLite is a small consumer unit that has some massive splitting force thanks to a 5 ton hydraulic ram.  When choosing a log splitter you need to figure out how are you going to use it.  If you are going to be constantly using it in a commercial application then you will probably get a gas splitter.  If you own a...

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Homelite 3100 psi Pressure Washer # UT80432A – Perfect for Any Homeowner

Spring and summer rock because we can get out the pressure washers.  We get a lot of email on people asking about pressure washers, what is the right one to get etc.  Well for the homeowner we have found a great choice, the Homelite 3100 psi pressure washer.  3100 psi is on the high end of the scale for a homeowner unit and has major power so no job is out of reach.  Apart from power, it is versatile, innovative and packed with features that make it easy for the homeowner to move and store the unit.  The engine...

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