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Hitachi KNT50AB Finish Combo Kit – 6 Gallon Compressor & Brad Nailer

Believe it or not, we are actually taking a look at a Hiachi product.  Over the years we haven’t done a ton of Hitachi, but the tools we have reviewed, like the miter saw, have all been great tools.  Time and time again, we hear about their nailers and how great they are, but we have never tried them, well until today.  Today we are going to take a look at the Hitachi KNT50AB.  The Hitachi KNT50AB is a finish combo kit.  In this kit you get a 6 gallon compressor and an 18 gauge brad nailer, plus an air hose....

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Hitachi C12RSH 15 Amp 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

We haven’t used many Hitachi saw, but have always heard great things about them.  After trying and using the C12rsh, I have to say they do make one of the best saws on the market.  Now I am not saying it’s the best, but it is one of the top saw.  Everything is well thought out on this saw.  It’s easy to use, easy to set up and makes perfect cuts.  I have to say if your in the market for a sliding compound saw, you have to take a look at this saw.  I am having a hard...

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Hitachi C10FCE2 10″ Compound Miter Saw

We this is our first Hitachi saw we have shown here on Tools in Action and I have to say I was pretty excited.  I have always heard great things about their saws and nailers.  I have to say the first thing I was excited about beside it being an Hitachi, was the size.  This saw is a 10″ which is perfect for trim job and cutting 2×4 or 2×6.  Seriously is that most of the cutting we do?  Yes it’s great having a 12″ slider for crown molding and bigger wood, but the weight sucks when you have...

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Hitachi KC18DBFL Brushless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Kit Review

Okay before we get started I would like to start out by apologizing for my mistake.  We usually like to take pictures of each tool we review, so you can see all the close ups and features.  However we gave this kit away to one of our viewers.  It wasn’t until I sent the tool out, did I realize I forgot to take pictures for the article. Hitachi is a company that has been around for a long time and we have heard good things about them, especially with their routers and cordless.  For us, we don’t have a...

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Hitachi Hammer Drill Review – DV 18DL

This review is for the Hitachi Hammer Drill that came in the kit KC18DCL.  The model number for this drill is DV18DL.  This drill packs a lot of power and produces 570lbs of torque.  Compare that with the Milwaukee V28 that produces 600lbs of toque, and the Hitachi is only an 18V.  While most hammer drills have two speed settings, the Hitachi has 4 settings.  The four settings are 0-200/400/900/1800 rpm, so as a user you do have lots of control.  One feature we really like is the unique access to the carbon brushes.  On the back of the drill you have easy access  to change the brushes once they get worn out. When you first pick up this tool, you notice this has great balance and is extremely light weighing.  The tool only weights 4.9lbs.  The tool belt clip is a nice feature, but we found the light to be pretty much worthless.  While it does work a little bit, it just got in the way more than it helped. We ran a couple tests on this drill.  One was simple drilling and the other was mixing concrete.  For the drilling part we used an old, dull drill bit.  We drilled into a treated 4×4 that the drill ran through with no problems.  We also ran this drill through two solid Oak 2x4s, and again there was not much resistance. For...

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Hitachi Impact Driver Review – WH 18DL

We reviewed the Hitachi combo kit model number  KC18DCL.   Inside this kit is the Hitachi Impact Driver model number WH18DL.  To learn more about impact drivers, you can see our article on impact drivers. The Hitachi impact driver is just one of those tools that feels good in your hand.  The driver has a nice balance and is incredibly light, weighing only 3.5lbs without the battery.  This driver puts out an astounding amount of torque coming in at 1,330 in-lbs.  Hitachi put a two piece motor with heavy gauge copper to get this much power into a light weight tool.  On this driver Hitachi has a power mode which is 0-2,600 and a save mode 0-2,000 rpm.  We all know that a tool that runs hot causes more wear and tear and shortens the life of the tool.  Hitachi uses a unique cool flow system that provides a steady stream of air into the motor to help keep this driver running cooler.  Another nice feature Hitachi designed into the impact driver is easy access to the carbon brushes, which allows you to change these easily and quickly.  One last feature worth mentioning is  the tool belt clip. Hitachi has a built in light that will shine  on the area you are working  to let you see your work easier. We wanted to test this impact driver, so there was no...

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Hitachi Battery and Charger Review

This review is for the Hitachi Lithium Ion batteries and charger.  These came in the Hitachi combo kit model number KC18DCL.  You can also buy these separately.  The model number for the batteries is EBM1830 and the charger model number is UC 18YRL. Overall, we like the Lithium batteries.  The Hitachi batteries are backwards compatible.  Hitachi puts a recharge life for these batteries at around 1,300 to 1,500 charges.  This kit comes with the 3 amp batteries. The Hitachi charger is also a great charger.  Hitachi includes a universal charger that will allow a user to charge 7.2V – 18V Lithium batteries, and the same for NiCd and NiHM.  Hitachi also has a built in cooling fan which helps lower the over all temperature of the batteries and allows them to cool down and charge faster. We like the Hitachi batteries and universal charger.  As you can see, there is not much to batteries and chargers, but after seeing some of the other batteries and chargers put out by manufacturers, we always like to take a look at the ones in the kits we review....

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Hitachi Contractor Bag Review

  This is the Hitachi tool bag that came in the kit KC18DCL.  This tool bag is made from a heavy duty Nylon with two handles to carry the bag.  On the outside there are a couple small pockets to hold hand tools you might access often.  Once you zip open the bag, there are two pockets.  One designed for the charger and the other is a small nylon mesh with a zipper.  This bag will hold all the tools in this kit with room left over for other tools. As you can see from our other tool bag reviews, we like to test the weight this bag can handle.  Since this is a light kit, weighing under 20lbs., we figured we would put 50lbs. in this bag to test it.  As you can see from the video, we put 50lbs of weight in the bag, lifted it up and gave it a couple good tugs.  The bag held up and nothing tore.  We feel very comfortable over loading this bag and knowing it will hold up.     Over we like the bag.  Good storage and built just right for this kit.  As you can see this bag has some great strength....

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Hitachi 18V Review – Kit KC18DCL

This review is for the Hitachi 18V lithium Ion combo kit model number KC18DCL.  After we did our shopping we found prices starting at $289 and up.  Amazon was selling this kit for $420. The Hitachi kit  comes with a hammer drill, impact driver, two batteries (3.oAh), charger, and a tool bag.  One item to note is Hitachi sells two different kits that are identical, except for the batteries.  One kit comes with a 1.5 amp and another is a 3 amp.  This review is for the 3 amp battery.  You can also buy the power tools individually.  The hammer drill is model number DV18Dl, and the impact driver is WH18DL. When ever we pick up a tool, one feature we always want is balance.  We want our tools to have good balance so our arms and hands do not tire out while working.  Another item we noticed was how light both tools are.  The hammer drill is only 4.9lbs. while the impact driver weighs in at 3.5lbs. The Hitachi hammer drill seems like a very nice drill.  As we said, it is very light, has a nice feel, and good balance.  What’s amazing is this drill puts out a whopping 570lbs. of torque.  Another nice feature is the command you have over this drill.  While most drills have a high and low, the Hitachi has a high, plus another switch for power and save.  The trigger...

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