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Hilti Multi-Bay Charger C 4/36-MC4

Hilti just introduced a new multi port charger, which is awesome.  How awesome is it to be able to insert four batteries and let them charge.  No more running back and forth trying to figure out when a battery is finished charging and replacing it with another that needs to get charged.  Now you can just insert the four batteries and know that when you come back, you will have charged batteries, pretty cool.   OK with that said, let go over a couple important factors to this charger. Not sure if you know this, but Hilti has some...

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Hilti Drill – The Solution for Tough Job Sites

A while back we showed the preview of three new drills from Hilti.  While the preview of the drill did show them off and give you a taste of the drills, it was more about the company behind the drills.  As a recap just in case you missed that awesome article, the two things I covered was their warranty and their fleet program.  While I won’t get into full depth like the other article, it is important to understand these two issues before you know about their drills.  First is the warranty.  Hilti offers a 20-2-1 warranty.  They offer...

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Hilti SID 4-A22 Impact Driver

About four years ago we reviewed the Hilti SID 18-A Cordless Impact Driver.  Since then, this has been my go to driver, I love it.  So when Hilti said they have another impact driver in the 22V line, I knew it was something I wanted to try out.  Now I have to admit, I am a huge Hilti fan.  Not because they pay us, but it has been one of those tools that have never let me down.  I am not saying they don’t break or they don’t have defective tools, but I rarely every talk to someone who said...

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Hilti – 3 New Drills Preview

If you have been following us for a while, you know Hilti is one of my favorite brands on the market.  Over the years I have had a chance to use them when I was in construction.  The one thing I can say is they are worth every penny.  Hilti is a little different since they sell directly to the consumer and not the normal path of a distributor. There are a lot of things you should know about Hilti, but two things, in particular, is their warranty and their fleet program.  I am not going to get into it...

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Hilti PDC – The Perfect Laser Range Meter

I have to be honest.  I have been sitting in front of this article staring at the screen for the past 10 minutes.  I really have no idea where to begin because I have so much I want to tell you about the Hilti PDC Laser Range Meter.  When I first discovered this tool from Hilti, I knew I had to get my hands on it because I knew it was special and one of a kind.  This is a product the market has needed for years and now it’s finally here.  Before I begin, I just want to give you...

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Hilti 12V – 3 Piece Combo Set

I am sure you may know by now that Hilti launched a couple new tools and a new battery line up, the Hilti 12V.  Currently there are 3 tools in this new line up: Hilti SF 2H-A Hammer Drill/Driver Hilti SID 2-A Screw Fastening Driver Hilti SFD 2-A Impact Driver For this article, I am just going to speak about the line up and the general overview of these Hilti 12V tools.  I understand that someone may not want all the tools, so we do have an overview on each tool which you can check out by clicking the...

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Hilti SFD 2-A 12V Impact Driver

In general, the impact driver is probably my most used and my favorite tool around.  Now that Hilti came out with their new 12v tool, my life is complete.  Okay maybe that is saying a little much, but I have to say Hilti did a great job with their new 12v line of tools.  The Hilti SFD 2-A is one of three new tools Hilti introduced to their 12v line.  If you would like to see an overview of the whole line, check out our overview of the Hilti 12V combo kit. The Hilti SFD 2-A is designed as a...

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Hilti SID 2-A 12V Screw Fastening Driver

Go to any construction job and ask anyone if they have heard of Hilti and what they think.  I am pretty sure that everyone has heard of Hilti and everyone has something good to say about them.  With that being said, Hilti just came out with a new 12v line up and introduced three new tools.  With these three new tools, I can say Hilti did an awesome job and won’t disappoint any Hilti fan or anyone else looking to get into a 12v line.  In the new line up, they introduced a Hammer drill, an Impact driver and a...

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Hilti SF 2H-A 12V Hammer Drill/Driver

Hilti introduced a new line up to their ever popular name.  They now offer a 12V line of tools.  Currently the tools consist of a Hammer/Drill, Impact Driver and a Screw Fastening Driver.  Hilti is known for a lot of things like quality tools and best in class customer service.  If you are already a Hilti fan or looking to get into a 12v line of tools, you should really consider looking at the new Hilti 12v line up.  If you are interested in the whole kit, check out our overview of the Hilti 12V combo kit.  Otherwise you...

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Hilti PR 30-HVS Rotating Laser

Hilti is known for a lot of top notch quality tools.  Tools that are designed to be in some of the most abusive work sites in the world.  When Hilti designed the PR 30-HVS rotating laser, they put the same toughness into this tool.  There are certain job sites where you need a rotating laser, but we all know that most of these lasers are more delicate than our wife’s favorite vase.  Well, Hilti put a stop to that and said not anymore.  They built a premium laser that is not only extremely accurate, but extremely tough. We have...

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