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Tools You Should Buy From Harbor Freight

A lot of people give Harbor Freight Tools a rough time for a being a cheap throw away tool store.  Sure, Harbor Freight has some low-end tools but they also have some great tools for cheap prices.  Here are a few that I recommend:   Floor Jacks – You cannot beat Harbor Freight for floor jacks.  They have never let me down and get great reviews,  They are the same or better than 99 percent of the jacks out there.  Our favorite is the 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack.  Their pricing is awesome!   Digital Calipers – The...

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10 Best Tools You Can Buy At Harbor Freight

Going to Harbor Freight is like going to $1 beer night at a minor league baseball game. You know the beer is gonna be watered down and taste like crap, but it’s cheap enough that you can choke it down to get the job done and the experience will be mildly entertaining. We got our first Harbor Freight around here about 10 years ago and everyone went wild over it…..at first. After awhile everyone figured out that those prices that seemed to be “too good to be true” were in fact “too good to be true”. When you’re walking...

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