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Dewalt Hacksaw DWHT20547 – 5 in 1 Saw

  Dan and I often visit the big box stores to look at new tools and run around the isle chasing each other.  Sometime I put him in the cart and just shove him down the isle, well not really but I would like to.  Maybe next time I can talk him into that.  If I do, I will video tape it.  At our last visit to Home Depot, Dan being Dan, just had to buy something.  Considering he just bought the Dewalt 20V Impact, he had to be more careful of his spending habits this time.  So he...

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IRWIN Universal Hand Saw – Review

If your a spoiled tool guy like me you would never even think of using a hand saw for any project, hand saws are for grampas right? Well that’s what I used to think until I used the new IRWIN Universal Hand Saw. This saw can give any powered reciprocating saw a run for its money cutting through a 2X4 . The saw comes in 2 flavors a 15″ and a 20″ model. 5 years of development really paid of from IRWIN they have developed a hand saw that is light weight and screams through material leaving a nice...

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