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Wilton BASH Sledghammers

I am not a fan of wood handled sledge hammers.  They can easily get damaged when an over strike occurs.  Luckily Wilton has come along and given us the BASH unbreakable sledgehammer.  They have engineered molten steel bars into the handle that holds the head with a steel plate.  The handle has a rubber over-mold that helps grip the hammer when in use.  Check them out on Amazon....

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PowerStrike Hammer – Titanium is the Past

Hammers come in all different flavors.  The Powerstrike has some features that are not normally found in hammers.  It has a spring in the head that actually absorbs all the impact. The same technology that is used in golf clubs.  The handle of the hammer is hollow aluminum which keeps it light and balanced.  The hammer has interchangeable parts so you can change the face or the weight of the hammer.  The stainless steel claw has 3 ways that you can pull nails, traditionally or from the 2 sides. You really feel the advantage of this hammer when you...

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Estwing Hammer Review

I am a huge fan of Estwing Hammers for three reasons.  First, they are built in the USA.  Second, they are built in my community.  Well close to my community.  The third reason is they are a quality hammer.  I remember a while back when I worked for a snow plow company.  I went to Estwing to put a bid for their lot.  During this visit, the guy took me around and showed me the ins and outs to Estwing.  One thing I remember was how powerful the machines were that stamped the hammer.  I was about 15′ away...

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Proto Compo-Cast Hammers and More!

Proto has been on the move lately. After the updates to their ratcheting combination wrench, and ball pein hammer lineups (both reviewed by TIA), they still had some pretty notable updates.           1. Compo-Cast Hammers Proto sent us some of their new Compo-Cast “Deadblow” hammers to check out. These are a redesign of the existing core technology rather than an entirely new product. The new design features an entirely different handle and grip design which boast a more rounded handle with the grip being slightly contoured verses the previous square-ish handle with a checked style...

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Proto Anti-Vibe Hammer – Review

When it comes to ball pein hammers, I’ve always preferred wooden handles. I’ve used metal and fiberglass, and while there are advantages to them, nothing beats the feel and shock absorption of a good ‘ol hickory handle. We’ve all been there, pounding on the head of an old wooden handled hammer trying to get it on good enough to keep it from flying off on impact, or swinging a little long and watching the handle snap off. It’s for these reasons I occasionally get the notion to try something different. Try as I might, I never much cared for...

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Hart 21oz Framing Hammers from Home Depot

We recently got a chance to use some Hart Hammers and must say we are impressed.  Apart from a lifetime warranty they have some signature features that set them part from the rest of the pack.  Features like the ability to hammer on the side of the head in tight spaces and a 180 degree side nail puller.  In our tests the side nail puller worked well with long nails only. Minimal vibration was felt as we drove in nails.  The waffle head design gripped and felt solid.  The Hart 21 oz. Milled Face Steel Framing is under $30 at...

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Blow Off Some Steam With The Razorback Pulverizer

This is a simple low cost tool that is invaluable for concrete and demolition work.  It weighs 3.5 lbs and is 12.8″ long, so for a demo tool it’s compact.   The tool is fully forged and heat treated to stand up to the toughest situations. Setting up and tearing down concrete forms , hammering in drift pins, bending form snap ties, prying forms loose are all done with ease with the Pulverizer.  The grip has been engineered to reduce shock and actually works quite well.  The 1.5″ strike face is smooth and can be used like a sledgehammer.  At...

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Hardcore Hammer – The Jackhammer of Hammers

We all know a hammer is just a hammer, right?  After all it’s a simple concept.  You have a heavier object striking a lighter object.  A very simple theory, in fact its Newton’s First Law, well maybe his second law, it’s one of the of the laws.  Actually a hammer is more than just one heavy object striking another object.  A hammer, while simple, is actually complex and has come a long way from our ancestors who took one hard rock and beat another object.  There is a lot that goes into a hammer, the type of material used...

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Stiletto Hammer Review

       Stiletto 14 Oz. Hammer Overview Isn’t a hammer just a hammer?  Well, yes it is, but as you know there are different types of hammers such a claw hammer, framing hammer, brick laying hammer and more.  For this review we are going to cover the Stiletto Framing hammer.  The Stiletto is one of our favorite hammers around.  Out of the four guys who run this site, three of us have used a Stiletto hammer in our day to day work for a long time.  Some longer than others, sorry just had to get that rip on some of the old...

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