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GYROS Tools Added to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway

Gyros Tools has added some cool tools and accessories to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 3.  Learn about the Ultimate Tool Giveaway 3 Gyros Rotary Tool Kit (40-10470 ) Gyros MAGNALite Pocket PRO (58-21836) Gyros 29 piece high speed steel drill bit set (45-31129) Check out the previous winners who were kind enough to take videos of them receiving the goods! winner of the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 2 winner of the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 1 We thank everyone that supports us and good luck...

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Gyros Power Pro added to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 2

Gyros tools is awesome for the person who does precision work.  The PowerPro that we reviewed here is great because you can hang it and work with the with the Flex Shaft.   It allows you to be precise and works great.  The Power Pro also comes with 85 accessories, so you wont be running out to the hardware store anytime soon to get more accessories. They have also included the Gyros Guard which protects you from flying debris and sparks.  Last but not least they included the accessory pro pack which includes cutters and mini circular saw blades....

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Gyros Tools MagnaLite Retrax2

We love lights!  Recently we checked out a couple from Gyros Tools the Magnalite pro and the Pocket Pro Magnalite.  Now they have released the Retrax2.  It is a 27 LED telescoping light and also has a 6 led torch light head.  The light reminds me of an old school florescent shop light that my dad used when he was working under cars.  The Retrax2 is compact weighing 9.5 oz and just shy of 7.5″ long when closed. The first time I slid the light open I was blinded by 27 bright LEDs. You can run up to 20 hours...

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Gyros Mini Files and Rotary Cutting Bits

Being that I love gadgets and remote control things I am always tinkering with them.  One tool that has made my life easier is the file, it has allowed me to remove material precisely and easily.  I want a quality tool that leaves a quality job, I came across the Gyros 6 pc Needle File Set 5-1/2″ – #49-01406 .  The Gyros Needle files are a great set of files, they have rubber coated grips that feel comfortable in your hands. For under $10 they are a no brainer.  Even Eric used them to shave down his plastic case on...

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Gyros Magnalite Pocket Pro

I was at the zoo the other day watching the monkeys, then for some reason I thought of Dan.  Then it dawned on me we have been playing with the Gyros flashlight for some time and haven’t written the review yet.  If you have been following us for a while, you know Dan has a fetish for lights.  Not sure why, not even sure if he knows why.  Not too long ago we reviewed another Gyros light, which Dan took from me.     This Magnalite is their Pocket Pro model and is a little different then the previous...

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Gyros Power Pro Variable Speed Rotary Tool – Review

Who doesn’t have a rotary tool? They have been around for a long time with the most famous brand being Dremel. There are a lot of of other lesser known brands out there but one caught our eye. Why it may look like any other rotary tool it comes with some  unique features and tons of accessories. Power Tool Review – PowerPro Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit Product Code: 40-10470   Separate On/Off Switch – Set your speed and forget it! Variable Speed 8,000 to 35,000 RPM 85 Accessories Included Flexible Shaft Included Tool Holder Included Cutting Guide Included...

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Gyros MagnaLite Pro Review

What guy doesn’t like LED lights, something about them just fascinates us. How about a 36 bright white LEDS incorporated into a big banana looking rechargeable work light, now that we have your attention lets give you the run down on the Gyros MagnaLite Pro Features Cordless/Rechargeable 7.2v LITHIUM (LI-ON) Battery 36 LED Magnetized Bottom 120 Degree Pivoting Range, Forward/Backward ABS Body for Better Grip Sleek Ergonomic Design Hand Loop Fully Recharges in 5 Hours Runs up to 6 Hours on a Single Charge Up to 1,000 Hours of Battery Life LED Lifetime Rated Up to 50,000 Hours 1,100 Lumens Capacitance:  1000mAH IV: ...

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Gyros Guard Safety Shield Model 50-12510 – Review

Tools come in all shapes and sizes, just because a tool is small does not mean that it can’t do some serious damage if it fails. Would you operate a circular saw without a guard? Of course not,  so why operate a rotary tool without a guard ,20,oo0 rpm spinning a tiny cutting blade can do some damage. Rotary tools have been around for years and a lot of injuries happen with this small common tool. Gyros is a company that has been around since 1921 they are an industry leader in Miniature Precision Tools and Accessories. I use their...

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