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Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower – 80V Power

Greenworks has been making OPE products for a while.  They make anything from residential products all the way up to professional products.  However today we are talking about the Greenworks Pro, but it is more geared towards the homeowner.  Now if you have been looking around for a cordless lawnmower, you might want to check out our head to head lawn mower review.  We took a look at 5 popular models of cordless lawnmowers to see what we liked and didn’t like about each one. We have tested some of their other products in the past including a cordless...

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Best Cordless Mower – Check out What Tools in Action Found

Welcome to Mower week.  Today we have a head to head.  Stay tuned because the rest of the week, we will cover each mower in greater detail.  Five years ago if you asked me if we would have ever had a head to head for cordless mowers, I probably would have laughed.  See back then I was all about gas, all about power.  The cordless mowers back then were awful.  They were cheap, they didn’t last and let’s face it, manufacturers just came out of the gate too soon because they were so interested in being first to the...

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Greenworks 40V Lawnmower Cut Report

Greenworks is a name I have become more familiar with over the last year.  I really love their products and they seem to make good stuff.  So let’s talk about the cut report for this 40V battery operated lawnmower.  First, is the good news.  If you’re the type to stay on top of your lawn mowing, this is a great mower.  Very lightweight and easy to maneuver.  The battery life is great and the fact that it comes with two batteries, makes cutting and finishing your lawn great.  You really shouldn’t have any down time.  The mower did a...

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GreenWorks 25302 G-Max 40V Lawn Mower

We first saw Greenworks a GIE and became quickly impressed with their large assortment of lawn and garden tools.  Not only do they have a large assortment of lawn and garden tools, but they seem to be pretty good quality.  As for this mower, I would have to say it seems solid except for the handle.  Now the handle should last you, but it does feel flimsy.  As for mowers this mower is very quiet.  To start the mower, just press a button and pull on the handle.  There you go, no gas, no spark plugs, no mess and...

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