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Graber Cell Phone Case Review

If you all ready read our review of the Graber tool belt and pouch, you will know how much we love their products.  They are high quality and crafted to last a long time.  All their products are hand made and made to last. You wouldn’t think we would get excited about a cell phone case, but actually we are very excited about this case.  Everything about this case shows quality.  There are four strong rivets that hold this leather case in place and help keep its shape.  The double stitching offers a nice design look.  Even the button that snaps down to hold your cell phone in place is strong, when you snap it into place, the only way it will come unsnapped is by the user.  The metal belt clip in the back is also solid and will stay on your belt until you remove it.  It is tight and strong and will stay in place. We put our cell phone in the case and dropped it from about 20 feet up in the air on a cement driveway.  As we expected, the phone stayed in the case.  We opened the case and nothing was wrong with the phone, not even the screen was cracked, every button and option on the phone worked.  Now we doubt this will ever happen to you because of the Stainless Steel...

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Graber Tool Belt and Pouch Review

A tool belt is an essential piece of equipment for any worker.  Tool belts come in a variety of material, such as cloth, nylon and leather.  While some people like nylon belts, we prefer the leather and wouldn’t use anything else.  They last longer, are more durable, and you don’t get nails or other fasteners poking you on the side.  All in all, we just feel they are a better investment. We were very excited when we spoke with the owner Chris at Graber.  While they make a lot of other products, we were especially interested in their tool belts and pouches.  We spoke with Chris and we had to get our hands on one of these belts. Graber started in 1974 in Grabill, Indiana.  Over the years Graber has been known for a lot of things, but when people hear the Graber name, they know it means quality. With everything they design and craft, quality is their number one concern.  Their tool belts, pouches, and cases all come with a one year warranty.  There are a lot of things to like about their products, such as: American made, American Hide, Chrome Oil Retan process, thicker leather and oil and wax edges, to name a few. Graber belts are made from tough and long-lasting Bull hide.  While most belts on the market are 10-12 oz., Graber is 14+ oz., which means the belt is...

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