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Gorilla Ladders – The Ladder That Will Make You Stand Tall

A couple of months ago, we were introduced the Gorilla ladders.  We had a chance to check out their Hybrid ladders and were very impressed, not only by the quality, but the ease of use.  I know what your’re thinking, “ease of use.”  Yes, we have tried other ladders and they seem flimsy and hard to open or close.  Not only were the Gorilla ladders easy to open and close, but you can do it with one hand,  Anyways, we are not here to talk about the Hybrid ladders, we are here to talk about their smaller ladders, the...

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Gorilla-Lift Trailer Tail Gate Assist

We love our PJ trailer and when we ordered it, we added the split heavy duty gate option.  Little did we know how heavy the gates were, they even come from PJ with springs to alleviate some of the weight.  I went searching for the available gate lift assist options online and one stood out “Gorilla-Lift”.  Why did it stand out you ask?  Well because it is the cleanest installation I have seen and does not have gaudy and dangerous springs hanging out.  The unit uses 2 heavy duty springs that are nicely  protected in 2 yellow powder coated...

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