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StoneBreaker Work Gloves

Finding a glove that fits great is pretty hard to do.  Now image putting yourself in my shoes and trying to tell you about gloves, not an easy thing to do at all.  However I am still going to try. Stone Breaker is a glove I have never heard of or had any experience with.  In fact, I didn’t hear about them until they reached out to us.  Well I know how hard it is to find a good glove for a decent price.  After checking them out and seeing their prices, we thought we would give it a...

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Mechanix Wear Gloves – Tools for your hands

I dont usually get excited over gloves, but Mechanix Wear has an awesome line up of gloves to fit just about anyones needs.  They sent us a few to try out.  I was on a job site and the tradesman was working on sheet metal panels, he was using cheap wool gloves.  I gave him a pair of  the CG full leather gloves and within minutes he was praising them.  Not only was he protecting his hands from the sharp steel edges, he was able to reach into his pouch and easy grab a single screw out.  He was able...

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Cold Weather Work Gloves

Cold Weather Work Gloves Overview Mechanix Wear gloves have been around for all most 20 years.  They got there name or their start in 1991 when they were used by pit crews in the Dayton 500, hence maybe the name.  Over the years they have grown and become one of the leading manufacturers of personal protective equipment for the hands.  They make gloves for mechanics, military, emergency response teams, and yes for the construction industry.  Gloves play a vital role in protecting a user’s hands.  They can protect from small scratches and small particles, to large puncture wounds and even fire protection. For this review we are looking at the Mechanix Wear Cold Weather gloves, model number MCW2-08-010.  The shell is made from a heavyweight fleece with a wind resistant lining.  The cuff sports a Neoprene for a better fit.  One item we like the best is the palm which is made of leather.  The leather provides a superior protection and is a great material for grip.  These gloves are designed for Climate Zone 2 and used in weather from 0-32F. Cold Weather Work Gloves Review For a review it is hard to show certain features, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to cover them.  For one thing we tested a pair of large gloves.  Now I usually wear a large, while these did fit nice, they wear a tat tight on my...

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