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ToolSmart from General Tools – The Simple Solution

As you probably know, General Tools is a sponsor of Tools in Action.  However you should know two things.  First, we never take on a sponsor if we don’t believe in their product.  Number two, we are always objective when we show off sponsor’s products.  Before we jump in and learn about the new line of ToolSmart, I just want to quickly get everyone up to date on General Tools in case you are not familiar with them.  General Tools has been around since 1922.  Back in 1922, they weren’t called General Tools, they went under a different name...

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General Tools & Instruments Seeker 100 Wireless USB Video Inspection System DCS100 – Review

We have reviewed a lot of inspection cameras lately and they all have different features and price points.  To me the biggest thing is image quality and if a camera can focus up close, after all that’s what inspection cameras are for, to inspect!  The General Tools & Instruments Seeker 100 does not disappoint on image  quality.  Unlike most inspection cameras that have a screen, the Seeker 100 does not, instead it is wireless and uses your PC as the screen.  This has a few advantages, first you get a software program that utilizes the power of your PC to capture images and record video. Second you can get the camera into tighter areas that a normal inspection camera cannot and a has a bonus feature where you can use Skype to relay your video live anywhere in the world.  With most everyday applications you probably will not use the Skype feature however  for certain trades this is a huge advantage.  Lets say you have to send a tech to a remote location to fix a machine, the tech can find the issue and Skype back the video to engineers and get invaluable assistance. The camera itself has a has a 12mm diameter, 1m long probe which is relatively thin to get into those tight spots.  The probe is easily changed out with the other optional probes that are available.  The...

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General Tools & Instruments MMD4E Moisture Meter – Review

Moisture meters are a handy little tool, especially after a flooded basement that your rebuilding.  You can use a moisture meter to detect moisture in building materials and wood to see if there is an underlying moisture problem or leak.  We got a hold of the General Tools & Instruments MMD4E. and I must say it is a quality tool.  The MMD4E is a pin type meter meaning that it has 2 sharp prongs that both have to be in contact with the material for it to work . The MMD4E is compact and includes a large easy to read...

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General Tools & Instruments Seeker Digital Airflow Meter DAF3010B – Review

This is one of those products that has a lot of uses in many applications, even if you don’t use it for your daily work, it sure is fun and cool to have.  The DAF3010B  is a compact design and weighs around 4 ounces allowing it to fit into most pockets.  The unit fits nicely in the palm of you hand and has a rubber molded grip across the bottom.  The fan is well protected  thanks to the over sized plastic shroud that surrounds it.  Just below the fan on the left is a temperature probe that is also well...

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Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver from General Tools & Instruments – Review

I like gadgets so when I had the opportunity to check out the Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver from General Tools & Instruments I was flabbergasted!  I am always taking things apart and seeing what makes them tick, after a while your hand gets tired from all the twisting.  A few months back we checked out the Husky PowerTek Screwdriver and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Let’s just say the General is like sliced bread toasted with butter.. Yummy! A few things I noticed right off was the massive torque and the quality of this product....

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Ever since I was a kid I have liked engravers,  its a kind of tool head graffiti. I like to engrave everything from my tools to the side of Erics truck. Now I can engrave my name on everything in Erics garage while being stealth about it.  We showed you the General 505 Engraver at NHS 2011, now we have one, here is the low down. The 505 is just shy of 7″ long with the bit installed. It is Powered by the 2 included AAA batteries and uses a Precision diamond tip 3/32″ bit.  This little unit puts out...

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