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GearWrench Double X Pliers and Hemostats – Innovative Hand Tools

Long needle nose pliers are usually used in tight compact spaces, but they have one major flaw, You need space for the handles to spread to open the jaws. The GearWrench Double-X Pliers use a compound joint to remain as narrow as possible.  I must say it really works.  I dropped a nut into a tight area and was able to retrieve it with the pliers where standard long nose pliers wouldn’t stand a chance.  The grips of the pliers are double dipped which make them comfortable to hold. The hemostats have a higher quality feel than the pliers....

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Gear Wrench – Innovative Hand Tools

I have been a fan of GearWrench for years, I loved their ratcheting wrenches and have had a set for years.  GearWrench has changed in that time, with some new and innovative products that make great Christmas gifts. XL X-BEAM™ FLEX – Recently I put these to use when I helped out at our local marina and I must say I am sold.  The X-Beam design allowed for more surface area and the wrenches are longer allowing for more torque.  The wrench is precise with only 5 degrees of swing needed.  It comes in a 12 piece metric 85888 and...

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