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Surecan Gas Can

I have to say that in America we do a pretty good job of moving forward and not backwards.  However in recent years and in the gas can industry, sadly we have moved backwards.  Remember the days of just picking up a gas can and being able to pour gas into your lawn equipment?  The cans were simple and easy to use.  Well all of a sudden we brought a bunch of idiots who didn’t know gas was explosive and lawyers into the mix and guess what, we took a step backwards and everyone had to suffer, even a...

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Tools We Want to See – Cordless Liquid Pump

I am going to start a set of posts about tools we want to see in the future that do not exist yet.  I am still in amazement of my cheap Chinese made Sierra Tools Battery-Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Model# JB5684.  I have used this pump a lot more than I thought I would now consider it a necessity.  Mine is still going strong and for $13 has paid for itself.   However 2 D batteries are not cheap and the quality is a bit lacking. The main purpose I use the pump for is transferring fuel.  The pumps long shaft...

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