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FLIR DM284 – More than just a multimeter

A multimeter has a ton of uses and everyone should have one.  They allow you to diagnose almost any electrical problem.  FLIR the leader in thermal imaging wanted to make the multimeter even better.  They added what is called IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement).  Not only did it make the multimeter better, but it opened up a whole new world of troubleshooting features.  Now you can see the problem in an instant then directly probe that area saving time which saves money.  The thermal imager can also see moisture, it usually shows up as a dark blue on most applications.  This...

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FLIR MR160 – Taking Moisture Meters to the Next Level

When it comes to thermal imaging the FLIR name is the gold standard.  Used by the military and police for the most demanding applications, they are on their A game.  The technology is getting better and coming down in price which makes it available to the common folk.  The MR160 is basically a moisture meter that has a 80×60 thermal imager to pinpoint the exact source of the leak. FLIR calls it IGM – Infrared Guided Measurement, it guides you to warmer and color areas on a surface.  This generally indicates moisture.  You can then use the included pin...

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FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer

You really don’t know what you are missing until you use a thermal imaging thermometer.  There are a few on the market for the trades including the $2500 M12 Milwaukee imager which is a true thermal imager, the $900 DeWALT DCT416S1 imaging thermometer and now the $500 FLIR TG165.  In short an imaging thermometer mixes a thermal image with a real image and emulates an imager.  Unless you need high-resolution heat maps an imaging IR thermometer will do you just fine.  It is amazing how fast you can troubleshoot with this device. The unit has the ability to take a picture...

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