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Festool SysRock Job Site Radio

The Maybach of tools has a job site radio coming out.  It looks like they gutted a Syslite and put a radio in it. It is Bluetooth, runs off both AC and battery. It does not charge USB devices.  Overall it looks feature packed and compact.  It is available in the UK starting on January 2016.  Start selling your second born children now so you can afford it.  Check out the video below by New Brit Workshop.  Also check out Festool...

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Festool CT Wings – Cheap Labor

When hanging crown molding or shelves you always need an extra hand. We recenty got some Festool CT Wings from FestoolProducts.com.  The wings attach to a CT dust extractor and use the suction to hold up material on the wall.  It can hold up to 6.6lbs and 2″ thick which means it is perfect for molding. Let us know what you guys think of these innovative accessories.    ...

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Festool 563007 Vecturo OS 400 EQ Set – The Mercedes of Multi Tools

Festool may be unheard of to the average DIY type, but to the professional it is the crème de la crème of tools.  The moment you use your first Festool you will understand why they are so revered. The Vecturo has some features that Festool owners expect like a detachable cord, ergonomic handle and precise operation.  The tool has a 400 watt motor that produces up to 18,500 oscillations per minute with a 4 degree angle.   It uses a pin and latch system to hold the accessory, similar to the FEIN Multi Master. The highlight of this kit is the...

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Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw Review – 561593

Did you know that in 1946 Albert Kaufmann designed the first Jig Saw?  He replaced the needle in his wife’s sewing machine with a blade.  I am sure after his wife saw what he did, he spent many nights sleeping on the couch.  Lucky for us, his many nights on the couch made our lives much easier in todays world.  Now almost all the major brands have a Jig Saw.  Well that might be the case, but no one has the Carvex by Festool.  I give it to Festool, they could have sat back and said we have a...

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Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander Review

If you are a woodworker, then you know how Festool owns the woodworking market.  I can’t think of another manufacturer that even comes close.  Now before we started reviewing Festool, I didn’t have much experience with their products.  I could only go by what people told me over the years. One after another told me how great their tools were.  After starting to use some of these tools, I realized what all the big hoopla was about.  In my own comparison, I look at what Hilti is to concrete, Festool is to woodworking.  Yes, you will pay more with...

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Festool CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor Review – 583376

We have been reviewing a lot of Festools lately and the one thing I can say is they make incredible tools.  Now if you already own a tool by Festool, I am not telling you anything you don’t already know.  If you’re new to Festool and have been contemplating the jump, all I can say is they are worth every penny.  For me Festool is to woodworking as what Hilti is to concrete.  You will pay more, but you get great quality and a tool that will make your life much easier and produce for years to come.  With...

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FESTOOL CSX Drill/Driver- Big Innovation in a Small Package

          We just started to get familiar with FESTOOL products.  From what we have tested so fa,r we are very impressed with both the quality and operation of the tools.  The CSX Drill/Driver is powered by a 10.8V/12V Max battery and is one of the most versatile 10.8/12V tools on the market.  Some people may not like the enclosed D handle design, but for me it added a level of precision and balance that I have not seen in a compact drill/driver before.  I was able to hold the tool in a variety of positions...

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Festool SysLite KAL 100 Work Lamp 498568 – Review

Ask any fine wood worker what their favorite power tool is and chances are they will say some sort of Festool.  You wont find Festool at any big box store, they are as the elite as it comes.  The Rolls Royce of wood working power tools, designed for precision and durability.  The KAL 100 is a $175 LED light and at that price point might scare some people away.  But let me assure you for the Pro, this light is well worth it.  It emits a a nice shadow free bright white light.  I am really amazed at the...

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Festool EHL 65E One Handed Planer

Festool came out with a new planer.  If you are familiar with Festool, you already know it must be great.  The new EHL 65E is a one handed planer.  This is designed for tight areas, hence a one handed planer.  Overall this seems like a great power tool.  This carries a 6.0 amp, 720 watt motor with a spiral cutter head.  This type of cut makes knife changes easy and provides a very smooth cut, chatter free.  One nice feature we noticed right off the bat was this only weighs 5.3 lbs.  So it seems like you will have excellent control when making cuts.  As with most of the Festool’s other line up, this also offers the dust extraction option to help keep your work area clean   Now we haven’t tested this or even heard it in use, but according to Festool it only creates 76 db of sound.  The adjustment seems incredible and you can make adjustments in 1/256″ increments.  The max depth cut is 5/32″ and max rabbeting depth is 29/32″.  This planer comes standard with a parallel guide for more accuracy. Now if you have been following us for a while, you know we like longer cords on our tools.  A longer cord prevents a lot of aggravation.  A long cord means it doesn’t get caught up on objects if you are using an extension...

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