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EZ Red Extra Long Flex Head Spline Ratcheting Wrenches

If you’ve done much work on cars, equipment, or much of anything really, you’ve undoubtedly realized that there are certain situations where your wrench or ratchet just isn’t long enough. A confined space in an engine compartment, a stubborn fastener that requires a little extra leverage, or any of the countless other situations where a little extra length is in order, will quickly kindle an appreciation for long pattern wrenches. EZ Red has taken the concept to a whole different level with their Extra Long Flex Head Spline Ratcheting Wrenches. Ratcheting wrenches, flex heads, Spline drive, and long pattern wrenches...

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EZ Red Pocket COB Stick Light

A couple weeks back we introduced the TIA nation to EZ Red tools, a NY based, family owned company, that specializes in battery service and LED lighting products. This week we’re going to take a look at one of the latest of those LED products, the COB stick light (model # PCOB). When this thing arrived and I took it out of the box, I kinda smiled. At just over 6-1/4″ long and about 5/8″ wide, it was very small and despite the 150 lumen rating, I really didn’t expect to be wowed. I turned the lights out in...

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