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Empire Levels – True Blue

In today’s market place you can spend a couple of bucks or a couple of hundred dollars on a level.  Both have their pros and cons to each, but what we really need is a level in between.  We need a level that can take a beating, but still stays true and accurate.  With that said, we can narrow down the field, which brings me to one option, the Empire Levels.  Empire Levels have been around since 1919, so it’s safe to say they know what they are doing.  Last year, Milwaukee Tool bought them, which means they now have...

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Empire Level New Rafter & Framing Squares

What do you think of when you think Empire?  If your in the Chicago area, you probably think of carpeting.  However we will save that for another day.  Today we are talking about Empire Levels.  Not to long ago Milwaukee bought out Empire Levels.  So you know what that means?  It’s only a matter of time before Milwaukee gets their hands on these tools and find creative ways to turn a simple rafter square into a more useful tool.  Not that a rafter square isn’t useful, it’s probably one of the most diverse tools around. The day is here,...

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Empire Level Review

For you and me a level is a level.  As long as it works, it’s strong and accurate, that’s what I care about.  However for Empire, it’s a little different.  A level is not a level, the level is their life.  So when they design a level, they don’t just grab vials, a beam and slap their name on it.  They design something that meets our needs of being tough and being reliable.  So let me introduce you to the Empire e70 series. So what goes into these levels to make these durable?  First, this series is made from...

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