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Echo Lawn Mower – 58V Cordless Power

As part of mower week, today we are talking about the Echo Lawn Mower.  This is really our first experience with a cordless Echo product.  Now to give you a heads up, we had some mixed feelings about this mower.  From a completely emotional stand point, we were hoping this was going to beat all the mowers on our head to head competition.  The reason being is Echo is a local company for us.  They are located just the next town over and who doesn’t want a home town company to be at the top of the game?  So...

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Best Cordless Mower – Check out What Tools in Action Found

Welcome to Mower week.  Today we have a head to head.  Stay tuned because the rest of the week, we will cover each mower in greater detail.  Five years ago if you asked me if we would have ever had a head to head for cordless mowers, I probably would have laughed.  See back then I was all about gas, all about power.  The cordless mowers back then were awful.  They were cheap, they didn’t last and let’s face it, manufacturers just came out of the gate too soon because they were so interested in being first to the...

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