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Ultimate Wood Twist Drill Bit !

CNC machined or wood drill bit? I am currently enrolled in an online workshop class and the instructor keeps talking about how great the “Fish” bits he has been using perform. When I looked up the 7-piece set he kept raving about, I quickly noticed the price was just north of $100 (USD). Yikes! As it turns out the brand name is actually Fisch. Apparently for trademark reasons they were originally marketed in the US as Fish until around 2015  and then were labeled correctly as Fisch.  Because of this, you might see both spellings floating around online. Despite...

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Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Drill Bit Set

This is just a quick little article to let you know about Milwaukee’s new Shockwave Titanium Drill Bits.  Personally I have never really used many of their drill bits in the past, but these seem to be a little intriguing.  Before I tell you about them, I have to say I have used these bits.  While they do seem to be extremely nice, I don’t have enough experience to say they are truly the top drill bit on the market.  For the price, they are easily worth a look and a try. The new bits are designed to withstand tough...

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Milwaukee 15 Piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Milwaukee has been releasing a lot of new drill bits.  Not too long ago we took a look at the Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Drill Bit Set.  Today we are going to look at the Milwaukee Cobalt Drill Set.  So what’s up with these new bits? As with all the other Milwaukee drill bits, I love the fact they come in a case.  The case is easy to open and close, plus a great way to stay organized.  They even incorporated a thread hole to put attachments on the case such as a clip to keep on your belt or even...

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Milwaukee’s New Shockwave Impact Bits

Over recent years we have seen tools become more and more powerful.  While this improvement is great, we also need to see a big improvement in the accessories we use along with these tools such as blades and bits.  Which brings me to the new Milwaukee Shockwaves.  I am not sure what corner you’re in, but it seems people are just as brand loyal to their accessories as they are to their tools.  Some people swear by Makita bits, others love Shockwaves bits or another brand.  Personally, I am a huge fan of the Shockwave bits, but not because of...

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WoodOwl Bits

Drill bits are hard to get excited about or even talk about.  The reason being is because you really have to use a bit to appreciate how well built a bit can be and how efficient it can make you.  The one thing we all know about bits is you can have the most powerful tool in the word, but if you have crappy bits, it doesn’t do you any good.  Let me introduce you to the WoodOwl Bits.  If you have heard of them, you know they are quality and probably think they cost twice as much as...

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Mac 12V 3/8″ Drill – BDP038

By now most of our readers are familiar with Mac’s new cordless line. When we first learned of the line last year and discovered that they were compatible with Dewalt batteries, there was a lot of speculation that Mac was simply putting a red casing on Dewalt tools and bumping the price up a bit. It was a fair assumption considering both are owned by Stanley/B&D, but as we got our hands on them we quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Dewalt doesn’t even offer a cordless ratchet to compete with the BRS038. Dewalt does offer a 12V 3/8″ impact wrench (DCF813S2),...

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Fastcap K.I.S.S. Drill Bit System

Have you ever heard of Fastcap? Neither had I, then one day I was looking for some drill bits when I ran across their K.I.S.S. drill bit system. It was one of those moments in every tool junkie’s life when you see something and instantly say to yourself “I must have that regardless of price or actual necessity”.   About Fastcap Bellingham, WA based Fastcap is to woodworking tools what Lisle is to automotive tools. It started in 1997 when Cabinetmaker Paul Akers (not Bob) came up with the idea for adhesive screw cap covers and things took off from...

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V-TapGuides and V-DrillGuides by Big Gator Tools

Once in a while we come across a product that has us thinking “why didn’t we think of that!”  The  V-TapGuides and V-DrillGuides by Big Gator Tools are such a great idea.  Basically they allow you to drill and or tap straight holes, think of a drill press.  With the V-DrillGuides you dont need a drill press to drill straight.  You get a straight hole every time, even on corners and tubing thanks to the 90 degree V groove design.  First impressions of the tools are great, they are quality made, come in plastic containers and have clear laser markings...

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IRWIN Unibit Step Drill Bits – Review

It is not often that I get excited over drill bits, but the IRWIN Unibits are by far my favorite drill bits ever.  It is like having an entire drill bit set in one bit.  I had to install a dead bolt into a thick steel shell door frame,  I went through a normal bit in no time and hadn’t even drilled the first hole yet.  I went to the local hardware store where I saw the Unibit,  I remembered using one in the past with good results.  When I arrived back the job site and started to drill...

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Milwaukee Speed Feed – 48-13-0300

  We have all done it.  We need to make a quick hole and just grab any old drill bit.  The bit might be dull, it might be chipped, but hey what heck I need my hole.  Each time we do this, we put more wear, tear and stress on our drills and batteries.  Now we are not saying doing this is going to kill your drill and batteries, but why make the tool work harder than it should. Over time not much has changed with drill bits except the bits have been manufactured with better material, sharper edges, better flute system and better...

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