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Dremel 8050 8-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

Sometimes you need a small tool to get into delicate intricate situations.  Dremel has released the 8050 Micro, a lithium ion powered 8V max tool.  It doesn’t have the power of its cordless counterparts, but it has great run time and fits in your hand like a pen.  The ergonomics are great, I found it easy to control especially while engraving.  It can cut, buff, drill, engrave,grind, sand etc..  It is pretty much limitless as to what you can do with this tool and Dremel accessories.  It even comes with a small assortment of accessories like cut off wheels, sanding...

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Dremel 3000

We have done some Dremel reviews in the past such as the Saw-Max, Dremel Trio and the Cordless 8200 to name a few.  Now we are going to take a look at the Dremel 3000.  What is so special about the new 3000?  Well a couple of things.  Dremel indicated the new 3000 is redesigned based on feedback from users.  So let’s jump into the 3000.  The Dremel we are looking at came in the kit 3000-2/28 meaning this is the 3000 model with 2 attachments and a 28 piece accessory kit. The kit comes in a nice molded case. ...

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Win a Dremel Trio – How to install a Crown Molding from Dremel and Chip Wade

Expired Dremel and Chip Wade show you how to install a crown molding, the steps and video are below.  Also Dremel is giving away a Dremel Trio to one lucky Tools In Action reader.  To enter sign up for Twitter, Facebook or our newsletter. If you have already signed up you are automatically entered. Tackling America’s To-Do List: Project Steps Installing Shoe Molding Living Room/ Bedroom   Tools Needed Dremel 8200 Rotary Tool   Accessories/Attachments 2500-01 Multi-Vise 430 Sanding Drum 407 Sanding Drum (optional)   Additional Materials Wall adhesive 2500-01 Multi-Vise or clamps Pencil   Project Steps Mark the molding with how much material and at what angle you wish to remove in order to fit to room size. Using the 430 Sanding Drum, sand shoe molding to line. We recommend making multiple passes to achieve desired result instead of trying to remove all material in one hard sweep. Once the molding is trimmed to the desired length and angle, put in place. Repeat accordingly with remaining pieces of molding.  ...

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DIY How To Regrout Tile and Win a Dremel MultiMax MM20 Oscillating Tool

Dremel is at it again, showing you how to do a project. Then giving one lucky Tools In Action reader a Dremel MultiMax.  This month Dremel and Chip Wade are showing you how to regrout a bathroom.  So how do you win the tool?  Sign up for our newsletter, Facebook or Twitter and you are entered to win. The winner will be announced in next months newsletter. Here is the project: Regrout Shower/Bath Bathroom Tools Needed Dremel Multi-Max MM20 Oscillating Tool Accessories MM501 1/16-Inch Carbide Grout Blade MM500 1/8-Inch Carbide Grout Blade Additional Materials Painter’s tape Dust brush Grout...

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Win a Dremel Saw Max for FREE – Be the first to have it

  Its always cool when you get a product that is not released yet,  your friends think you are god!  Well my friends one lucky reader is going to be that person.  Yes thats right you will have a brand new Dremel Saw Max in your hand. The Dremel Saw-Max will be available beginning in October 2011 at most hardware and home improvement centers nationwide for an SRP of $129.99 USD and $139 CAD. Dremel and Chip Wade are showing how easy it is to tackle americas to-do list, in this video they demonstrate how easy it is to cut laminate flooring with the new Saw-Max.  We reviewed the Saw-Max here.  To enter the contest sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to automatically be entered.  One lucky reader (continental U.S. or Canada only; no P.O. boxes) to win....

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Dremel SM20-02 Saw-Max™ Tool Kit Exclusive First Look

Dremel is a very popular tool brand with the DIY circle, they are innovative, easy to use and the name is synonymous with the rotary tool.  Lately they have been shaking up the tool world with some new releases like the Trio which we reviewed here.  Well it looks like they are at it again with the Saw-Max 3″ circular saw.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on this tool and give it a test run. Don’t let the small size of the tool fool you, it is a powerful 6 amp worm drive gear saw that...

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Dremel Trio Review – 6800-01

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you have probably tried a Dremel rotary tool or at least heard of one.   Dremel Trio will be no different.  The Trio is Dremel’s new line of tools and you can think of this tool as a souped up Dremel Rotary tool.   Power Tool Review-Dremel Trio Power Tool Model – 6800-01         Pros: Great Balance, Powerful, Kit comes with everything you need to get started, 90 degree pivoting handle Cons: No cordless version yet Specifications of the Dremel 10,000 – 20,000 rpm 2 Amps Collet 3/16″ 2...

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Win a FREE Dremel 8200

Expired – Winner announced below   Professional Power Tool Guide is giving away a FREE Dremel 8200.  The 8200 is a cordless Lithium-Ion rotary tool great for almost any project.   We recently did a review, which you can read at Dremel 8200 Review.  We also did a quick video, which you can see below. Below is some of the information for this tool Variable speed from 5,000 to 30,000 rpm provides maximum control and precision Separate on/off switch and speed control retains speed setting for the perfect speed every time Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes Cool-running ball bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation Comfort grip housing for easier handling and better tool control Compact and lightweight for easier handling and less fatigue Battery fuel gauge lets you know when it’s time to recharge High-capacity 12V MAX Lithium-ion battery for longer run times Always Ready–Lithium-ion battery holds a charge 6 times longer than standard NiCad batteries. Two-year warranty Specifications of the 8200 Battery Lithium-Ion Battery Charge Time 1 hour Speed Variable, 5,000 – 30,000 RPM Voltage 12V Max DC Weight (lbs.) 22 oz / 0.62 kg This is a great tool and we had a lot of fun testing and playing with this. Now we are sure you want to learn how to win this tool.  Well it’s pretty easy.  All you have to do is leave...

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Dremel 8200 Review

Dremel is one of those names everyone knows.  This rotary tool is just about the all in one power tool and could be used for a variety of applications.  Today we are going to review the Dremel 8200, which is their cordless version. Power Tool Review– Dremel Power Tool Model – 8200  1/28 Pros: Cordless, very good power, great balance, items in tool kit, easy to use, number of applications you can perform with this tool. Cons: Only one battery comes with the kit (Model 2/28 comes with two batteries)   Specifications of the Dremel 12V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless 22 oz. 5,000 – 30,000 rpm Quick Collete Lock Battery Gauge 2 Year Warranty 1 hour charge time     Nuts & Bolts of the Dremel The Dremel is like WD-40 in the fact that there are so many uses for the item.  It’s the tool that you can just about doing anything with, well that might be a little exaggeration, but you sure can do a heck of a lot.  This rotary tool can sand, engrave, carve, grind, sharpen, clean items, polish, drill and more. Specifications The first thing you will notice once you open your new Dremel is the case.  The whole kit comes with a nice hard plastic case.  The great thing about the case is all the room to hold other accessories.  There is a small case they supply...

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