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Dorcy LED Flashlight Review

Dan first introduced me to Dorcy lights a while back with the Metal Gear XLM.  In fact we have been using the Metal Gear for a while.  Dorcy has been making flashlights for over 55 years, so obviously they are doing something right and they know what they are doing.  One thing I have to say about Dorcy is I think you get a lot of flashlight for the money.  They use a lot of high quality LED lights and parts to create a solid flashlight, but it doesn’t break the bank when you buy one. So if your...

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Dorcy 41-0435 Metal Gear XL-M Extreme 618 Lumen LED Flashlight – Review

Guys love lights, especially bright LED lights.  Usually when we review a kit LED light it throws out about 100-150 Lumens and that impresses us.  The Dorcy 41-0435 puts out an insane 618 Lumens.  It is like harnessing the power of the sun, ok well not that powerful.  It will instantly blind you if you shine it in your eyes, this makes it awesome for a personal safety device or just about any application where you need a massive amount of light. Lets start with the basic construction of the light.  It is made from aluminum and water resistant...

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