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Diablo Extreme Metal Cutting – Cuts 2″ Trailer Hitch Ball

  Recently we went to STAFDA in North Carolina and witnessed the latest carbide tipped metal cutting blades from Diablo.  We were amazed at their demo, we had to see this for ourselves. We took a blade to Port Barrington Motor Sports and showed the guys from Brueski’s Marine Construction.  They had an old trailer hitch ball that we could cut through.  When I told them about the blade cutting though it, they did not believe me.  Even I was apprehensive about the blade cutting through. Watch the video for the results.  Get yours from Amazon.  Check out more...

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DIABLO Carbide Tipped Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade – STAFDA 2014

Diablo blades rock!  I feel pretty confident in saying that they are the best blades on the market, at-least that I have used. Last year they introduced us to their nail embedded wood carbide blade.  This year they have also added a carbide tipped metal-cutting blade.  We got to test out some of these blades and to say they better than the competition was an understatement.  They spanked other competitors blades in the tests we ran.  Carbide is incredibly strong and keeps the teeth intact while helping reduce heat. The blades cut through metal like nobodies business. For the...

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Diablo Advanced Hole Saws – STAFDA 2014

This week we got a chance to see some new innovation from Diablo in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Ever since last year when they showed us their carbide tipped reciprocating saw blades we have been huge fans.  Their accessories work as advertised and in some cases better than advertised.  Apart from tearing through wood like nobody’s business the new hole saws are longer, enabling them to go though deeper material that commonly find on a job site. Who hasn’t had a headache when trying to remove the plug.  With the new snap lock quick change you simply disconnect the mandrel...

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Diablo Flap Discs – The Gritty Grind!

Flap discs are one of the most versatile grinder accessories in metal working.  With a light hand you can lightly sand and polish an area then with some elbow grease, you have a metal removing machine.  Flap discs do not wear out as fast as typical grinding wheels. As the disc wears it reveals a new piece of gritted sand paper behind it.  Since discovering flap discs I tend not to use anything else for my metal grinding and sanding needs.  They save time and last! Diablo offers a variety of grits and styles of flap discs, but I...

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Diablo Ultimate Flawless Finish Saw Blades

You want a good saw blade?  Look towards Diablo, a division of Freud.  You pay a little more money compared to the off brand that sits right next to the Diablo blades on the shelf.  However in the long run, you’re actually paying less.  I believe the Diablo blades last much longer, create less wear on tear on your saws and produce a better cut.  For me, the couple of extra bucks is well worth it. We had the pleasure to get to use both the 10″ and 12″ saw blades.  We hooked the 12″ up to our Bosch...

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