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It’s That Time of Year – Heated Jacket Season

Winter is here or at least in the Chicagoland area it is.  I actually woke up yesterday and saw the grass filled with snow.  So I figured it was time to break out my heated jacket and stay warm.  There are a lot to pick from.  Milwaukee started it all and soon followed by Dewalt and Bosch.  This year it looks like Craftsman and Makita are entering the market.  So which one is the right one to pick from?  Well it depends upon what your looking for.  Bottom line, none of the original three are bad options.  If you...

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Heat Your World With The DeWALT Heated Hoodie – DCHJ068B

Even though it’s summer time around the U.S., it’s never too late to start thinking about investing in a heated Hoodie.  Wow what a coincidence, that’s what we are talking about today.  Dewalt is starting to come out with some cool, well warm, heated work gear that is not only fashionable, but practical. The Dewalt heated Hoodie is powered by either a 20V max or a 12V max.  One thing Dewalt did different with this jacket is you can put the battery pack in the backside of the jacket or if you don’t mind losing a pocket, you can...

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Dewalt Heated Jackets Review

Another heated jacket?  Why, yes it is.  We did the Bosch and the Milwaukee so we thought why not try out the Dewalt Jacket?  One thing I can say is we did time this one right.  Usually we do our winter things in summer and our summer things in winter.  So you have to give us some credit for finally figuring out what month it is.  We got free shipping from on our jackets from Power Tool Super Center which is part of Tool Nut. Dewalt is the late comer to the heated jacket game, which isn’t necessarily a bad...

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DeWALT Heated Jackets – Jobsite Tough

Heated jackets seem to be the craze this year.  Look at what Milwaukee has started, now you can get all sorts of styles and colors, even Bosch and Makita have come out with one.  I don’t want to steal the thunder away from DeWALT so let’s just talk about the black and yellow.  For its launch DeWALT has quite a few styles available from camo to a soft shell.  Our test sample is the black hooded jacket.  If you have ever worn a Carhartt this jacket feels identical to that.  It has the same soft lining and rugged jean...

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