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Dewalt 36 in. Metal Rolling and Top Storage Chest

Ever since I saw the Dewalt 36 in. Metal Rolling and Top Storage Chest at Home Depot I have wanted it.  So the past few weeks it has been on sale for a ridiculously low price.   I just had to have it.  So we went searching and because of the low price it was hard to find.  I finally found it after a 2 hour round trip drive. A-part from being yellow and saying DeWALT all over it the chest is really a nice quality.  The draws are on ball bearing slides and every drawer comes with a foam...

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Dewalt Tstak Boxes Review

A while back we took a look at the Dewalt Tstaks.  At the time they were offering four different types of boxes.  Well they were such a big hit for Dewalt, they decided to introduce two cool new boxes.  The Dewalt Tstak DWST17805 expansion organizer and the DWST17806 deep box.  I have been using these boxes for a while and love them.  Dan found some cool ways to integrate his system with his hobbies.  He uses some of his Tstaks for his remote control cars and electrical wiring stuff.  I know a lot of people love the Dewalt Tough...

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Dewalt Tough Box Review

We have reviewed a couple different storage systems over the last year.  We have done the L-Boxx, T-Staks and two different Dewalt Tough Boxes (second Article).  So why a third review on the Dewalt Tough System?  Basically Dan has been using this system for a while and I have been using the L-Boxxes.  Recently I have incorporated the Dewalt Boxes into my rotation.  While I still use the Bosch L-Boxxes, the Tough System is different.  I know you’re probably asking which one is better, but if you check out the video below, we did a comparison.  While not a...

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DeWALT TSTAK Storage Boxes – Review

If you have been following us you know that DeWALT makes the toughest storage solutions on the market with the Tough System.  The Tough System is great but what if you need a smaller option?  Luckily the TSTAK came along to fill that void, think Tupperware for men.  The TSTAK was designed from the ground up for the user, not just some rebranded existing storage system.  The TSTAK system is innovative, tough and is perfect for almost any task.  Unlike the Tough System,  there is no rubber seal on the TSTAKs to prevent moisture from getting in.  Right now...

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DeWALT Tough System Cases with L-Cart Carrier – The Ultimate Storage System

Before I get into the Tough System, everyone keeps asking to compare them to the Bosch L-Boxx.  They are 2 completely different storage systems. You can throw a loaded Tough Case into the back of a truck in the rain and not worry about it.  Tough Cases are built to withstand job site abuse and keep out the elements that can damage your tools.  L-boxxes are more for organizational purposes and not so much designed to be left out in the rain and thrown around.  L-boxxes are comparable to the TSTAK box from DeWALT which we will review soon....

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DEWALT Stackable Deep Pro Organizer – DWST14825

Everyone loves organizers, and lately it seems like everyone is joining the band wagon.   I had recently purchased some cheaper organizers that did not impress me.  Every time I  moved the organizer around the screws would spill into other compartments.  This drove me crazy,  the snaps for the cover were also not the best quality.  I would rather just keep my screws in the cardboard boxes they came in. Then I came across the DeWALT boxes, at a big box store,  there were a few dollars more than the other boxes.  I figured I would give it a...

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DeWALT ToughSystem DS300 Tool Case DWST08203 – Gets Initiated

If you claim to be tough, you better be tough.  Here at Tools In Action we like to take things to the extreme.  So to test the IP65 water spray rating of the DeWALT  DWST08203 ToughSystem Box we decided to take it water skiing.  The box was pulled under water and splashed around quite a few times before the handle broke.  We didn’t count the handle breaking a failure because we put it under extreme load.  We actually were impressed that it lasted while being submerged underwater and being pulled full throttle from a boat. Another surprise was that the...

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Dewalt Toughcase

Dewalt just introduced their new Toughcase and we were lucky enough to try one out to see if the hype is all they say. Tool Review: Dewalt Toughcase     Pros: Sturdy, Good Space for accessories, Magnet, Latch, Hinge assembly Cons: none Specifications of the Dewalt Toughcase High Impact Material Metal Hinge Metal Latch 2 Heavy Duty Magnets Rubber Rail Yellow – Easy to find The Nuts & Bolts Just about every manufacturer offers some sort of case with some kind of power tool accessory.  Sometimes the cases are pretty good, but most of the times, they tend to be cheap.  Now we are not knocking some of the cheap cases because they do make great storage containers for accessories, but it is always nice to have at least one case you can throw your good bits in or have something durable enough to take some sort of beating.  Well we are not the only ones who think a case can be just as important as the accessory, Dewalt listened to a lot of different contractors out there and developed their Toughcase.   Specifications Dewalt offers two versions of this toughcase, well one toughcase, but you can get two different accessories in the case.  You can either have a case with a 15-piece fastening set or a 20 piece impact drilling/driving set.  The case is 7″ wide, 1.75″ tall and...

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