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Radio Death Match – Best Cordless Radio

As you know, we love to have fun at Tools in Action.  We don’t take ourselves seriously and we love destroying things.  So we thought about it and decided that destroying some radios would be a blast.  So we reached out to some manufacturers and got our hands on some of the most popular cordless radios on the market.  Now before I go on I want to get a couple of things straight.  First, this isn’t scientific.  This is just something we wanted to do and have some fun with.  We knew that no radio would survive to the...

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DeWALT DCR006 Bluetooth Speaker

When DeWALT announced the DCR006 Bluetooth speaker a few months back I wasn’t too excited.  However now that I have one, I love it.  If I could sum it all up in one word it would be “Simplicity”.  It’s easy to connect and operate.  Press a Bluetooth button and the unit goes into discover mode.  Your device instantly connects, hit play and you’re all set to go.  The speaker is small, just under a foot tall and has a rugged, durable appearance. The controls on the top are rubber to help keep dust and dirt out. Side connections like aux...

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DeWALT DCR006 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker

Who listens to terrestrial radio anymore right?  Unless you’re in the city reception usually sucks.  Out by us we have Star 105.5 which is the only station that comes in clear.  It has more commercials than music and honestly I would rather turn it off than listen to it.  Everyone has a smart phone that usually holds your music or can stream Pandora. Enter the DCR006 speaker, it can be power by 12v,20v or AC power for all day operation. The unit shuts off if no bluetooth connectivity is detected.  It has some rugged rubber buttons on the top....

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DeWALT Bluetooth Adapter DCR002 – Works with any radio

Bluetooth has been around for awhile and job site radios are starting to come out with integrated Bluetooth.  The DCR002 from DeWALT allows you to connect your phone or Bluetooth music device to any radio with an AUX input. Obviously it works with the DeWALT radios, but it also works with other brands.  The greatest thing about it is that it is easy to connect.  Just hold the button in for 7 seconds and your device will see it.  No passcodes to deal with.  Just connect that’s it. If you get a phone call while listening to your songs...

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DEWALT Corded / Cordless Compact Worksite Radio DCR018 – Overview

Just when I thought I knew about new DeWALT tool releases, a DCR018 compact worksite radio showed up on my doorstep! It looks like the DCR015 had a baby. The new radio has a lot of commonality to its DCR015 sibling, except that it does not charge batteries. It can however run off of 20V MAX, 12V MAX, 18V XRP and Nano pack batteries. Obviously it does not have the sound quality of the DCR015 due to a single speaker. It is very portable and will fit in your tool bag or DeWALT Tough Box. The unit is a...

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DeWALT DCR015 20V MAX Work Site Charger Radio – Job Site Tough Review

  DeWALT Tough you say?  Umm yeah, this radio is beyond tough.  One of the most important tools, if not the most important tool on the job site is the radio.  It keeps the job moving, keeps tradesman smiling and some also have the added feature of being able to charge batteries.  From my understanding, there is some sort of patent claim in which radios can charge batteries and which ones can’t.  The DCR015 can do it all, run off of 12v and 20v MAX batteries and can also charge them.  Users of the 20v line have been awaiting...

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