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Friday Night Tools Fight – Cordless Jig Saws

OK, it’s not Friday night, but we recently did a Friday Night Tool fight between the Dewalt, Milwaukee and the Metabo cordless Jig Saws.  All of these Jig Saws are sold as bare tools or in a kit.  The model number on the Milwaukee is 2645-22, Metabo STA 18LT and the Dewalt is DCS331. We tested each Jig Saw with a 4 A/h battery.  We used Bosch Jig Saw wood blades to cut through a 2×4.  We wanted to see how many feet we could get off each fully charged battery.  Next we did a quick scrolling test to...

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DeWALT DCS331L1 20V MAX Li-ion Jigsaw with 3.0ah battery – Review

DeWALT has been flexing some muscle in the saw market lately.  The DCS331 resembles the 18V DC330, it has the same 1″ stroke and 3000 spm, however with the addition of 20V lithium power and the 20V ergonomic handle design make it an all new beast.  It has plenty of power and really impressed us.  The saw feels solid and well built, I have had a DC330 for many years, it still works perfect.  With the included 3.0 Li-ion battery allows for fade free power and extended run times. The balance of this saw is great.  When we cut though...

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Dewalt Jig Saw Review – Model DW331KR

     A Jig Saw is a pretty cool power tool, it gives the user a lot of freedom to make a variety of cuts, not just straight lines.  The Dewalt Jig saw model number DW331KR is no different.  Dewalt made a pretty heavy duty saw providing it with a 6.5amp motor that delivers variable speeds of 500-3,100 SPM.  The stroke length is 1″ making it a snap to cut through most any thick material.  As with most Jig Saws this features a key less blade change.  One item we really like it this has a total of four different orbital positions to choose from.  The bevel capacity is 0-45 degrees.  One nice item to mention is the weight is 6.4lbs, so its not too heavy, but at the same time its not too light where you might loose control of your cut.  Two other notable items are the non-marring shoe which protects glossy materials from scratches.  The other is the dust blower. Dewalt Jig Saw Review The Dw331KR is a factory reconditioned Dewalt Jig Saw.  We know some of you don’t like reconditioned power tools, but this is one worth taking for a test drive.  One great thing to notice about this saw is the feel.  We have picked up some saws where they are extremely light and just don’t feel right in your hand.  The Dewalt jig Saw is just...

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